Horizon Awards in 2023

As Horizon Awards 7, the last 2022 event for Horizon Awards, comes to a close, it’s coming up to the time that future Horizon Awards events for 2023 begin planning. Unlike previous Horizon Awards, it will be split into two executive event managers, one for the spring event (Horizon Awards VIII), and one for the autumnal/fall event (Horizon Awards IX). So, here’s the announcements.

Horizon Awards VIII (Horizon Awards 8)

Horizon Awards 8 will not be hosted by me, Edgewurth. This is a first for Horizon Awards as the new co-executive manager - NYCEmpire - gets to run Horizon Awards 8 as an event for the first time. He has contacted me with the dates for the start to end of Horizon Awards 8, however I will not reveal more than the dates at present - which is:

1st December 2022 → 11th February 2023

Again, NYC will announce information as it comes, and when they’re ready to do-so.

Horizon Awards IX (Horizon Awards 9)

I will be hosting Horizon Awards 9, however, and while I cannot confirm exact dates at present, I prospect it will be Autumn/Fall 2023 during the months of:

September 2023 → October 2023

So, why am I announcing this now?

Well, as I said, Horizon Awards 7 is almost at it’s ceremony. This means that it is time to begin to look forward to the future of Horizon Awards, and the events for next year.