[Horizon Awards] I need your opinion.

So, with the previous Horizon Awards spanning various dates (diagram below), I’ve decided it would be beneficial to host on the same months each year, so the waiting time is not variable.

Currently, on average, there is a four month wait between Horizon Awards Summer and Winter, and a month-or-two wait between the Winter and Summer events. I wish to make the waiting time around 3 months, but need to know what months you want Horizon Awards to be.

The format for the poll will be Summer/Winter.

Please bear in mind, the awards ceremony will be occurring on the first day of that month, or the last day of the previous month.

Please vote below.

  • March → May / September → November
  • April → June / October → December
  • May → July / November → January
  • June → August / December → February

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