HMG Routefinder - Register your airport code now.

Are you a fan of aviation on Hellominers? You might be interested in the new Routefinder that HMGuide is developing.

The Routefinder will give you a route to follow from airport to airport.

Let’s say you want to fly from Paradise Hills Airport to Monbay North Airport.

Select the two routes in the Route finder and the routefinder will lead you to a page with the route on it. With further information like

  • Estimated Travel Time
  • Estimated Distance
  • Estimated Fuel Usage
  • How often you should refuel and where on the route you can refuel (and buy fuel).

Right now the Routefinder is in an Alpha version. I am testing whether it works (it does for now) and working on gathering the data for all the routes.

Now my question to you as a city owner is:

How would you like your airport to be coded?

I could airport code them myself but I’d rather give the city owners an option to choose their code.

Codes have to be between 3 and 4 letters and it’s on a first serve basis so if Ashford and Alexandria get in a fight over who would get to use AIA (Ashford/Alexandria International Airport) the first to register gets the code.

Example: Valnir International Transit Hub has as code VITH

Registering is free obviously.

Registration form

Airport Name:
Airport Code:
Airport Amenities:

  • Lodestone (yes/no)
  • Fuelstore within 50 blocks of airport (yes/no)

Airport Name: Cardiff Airport
Airport Code: CAE
Airport Amenities: Airport Lounge, Car Parking