HM Map Naming Project Round 1

Alright, enough of you guys showed interest so were doing it!

The area we will be naming first will be:

Anything on this map can be named if proposed on this post in the following format

  • General Area (use the dynamap for general coordinates or submit and image of the area you are referencing)

  • Proposed Name

  • Reasoning (Why is this name significant and why should we pick it)

Just submit them here and we can talk about them as we go. The ones with the most responses or likes will be included on my next post where I will edit in all the names.

Now, some ground rules:

  1. No naming anything within city borders. If a river or mountain falls mainly within a city, the only person who can submit a name for it is the city owner themselves. (If you own a city within this map please submit your names, they will almost immediately be accepted)

  2. No building submissions. Meaning we aren’t naming buildings or stadiums. Unless it is a mega build of somekind, there’s no point in trying to mark it on this map.

  3. We are naming geographical features, meaning any river, lake, ocean, bay, mountain, canyon, forest, desert, snowplain, swamp, tunnel, highway, bridge, and mega build.

  4. If you can find evidence of a previous naming convention (like the map I had in my first post), they will instantly be chosen. (This includes old maps, references in older HM forum posts, proper names you can find within the map itself, etc.)

  5. Common sense people. If it’s inappropriate, it’s not gonna be considered.

  6. Have fun! I want this to be as interactive as possible. Tell us all you can about your submissions. If it means something to you, let us know! This map means a lot to all of us, and sharing those memories only makes them grow fonder. So enjoy!

I’m not sure how long I will be accepting submission. Probably a week or two, but I can always edit the image as time goes on.

There is no limit to how many submission you can have, meaning you can name half the server if you’re the only one proposing names, and the proof will always remain on this post.

So name away! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Proposed Name: Tedde Bay
Reasoning: This region is one of the oldest, most important areas of the server. It makes sense to name it after the server’s founder given its significance and centrality

(Note: not sure if this technically falls under city limits given how surrounded it is by urban areas)

West City / HelloClan and HelloHills for the area selected by datmonke.
Reassoning: its been like 12 years with same name XD

Fart land
Water looks like a dispersed fart

I mean the just the water area but yea I see your point