HM House of Representatives Nominations - June 2024

Nominations are now open for the June elections for the HM Congress’ House of Representatives!

Deadline for nominations: 16 June 2024
Elections: 17 June - 23 June 2024

:ballot_box: What is the HM Congress?

This is a fun organised discord where players can express how they wish the server to be run as well as pass laws for the purpose of roleplaying. There is even a purpose built player government district which you can visit in-game.

The Congress system is made up of an Executive, the law courts and the congress itself (to pass a law both the House of Representatives & Senate must simply agree).

:ballot_box: Join the House of Representatives

There are 9 out of 11 seats available for any player to put themselves forward.

Players seeking nomination, may self-nominate by replying below using the following format (edit as appropriate):

Party: Independent / N.A.T.O / Royalist / Southern Unionist / Your own
Why I’m running:

(If 11 or less nominations are received, all will be duly elected automatically. Any unopposed player will be duly elected automatically.

A representative of city groupings equivalent to the size of a tier 6 city may contact myself if you wish for your city to be given a seat and listed above.)

:ballot_box: Join the Discord

Join the Discord community to contact a party, discuss the upcoming elections and get involved with making change for the better:


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Username: LittlePengwy
Party : The Mob Roaming Zany Party
Why I’m running : I detect a distinct lack of useful policies. As a result, I resolve to campaign for some that are more useful, such as:

1. To protect citizens using the trains, cushions shall be fixed to the front of all of them.

1. In order to reduce bribery, standardized rates for bribing officials shall be set.

3. As some of our citizens are of a nervous disposition, silent fireworks shall be introduced.


Username: lossu
Party : Independent
Why I’m running :
Im running to promote my city which will be built some time in the next 15 years

Congrats to LittlePengwy and lossu. You have been duly elected to the House of Representatives.

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Nominations reopened for the June period!

Please apply below using the relevant application above if you wish to apply still (9 more places left on the House of Representatives).

Username: Edgewurth
Party: Royalist
Why I’m running: idk just feel like it lmao

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