[HIRIING] 6 Different Building Jobs (F100,000+ PAY PER BUILD)

Hellooooo I am looking to contract some jobs out to anyone interested. The only requirements are litematica and being active on the server.

Willing to pay 110,000 OR MORE per building with most materials included in the buildings. if you are interested please let me know. these do not include any interiors or floor placements! very simple buildings.

APT One: 130K~

Building 2: 250k~

APT 3: 150K~

APT 3: 130k~

Building 5: 100k~

APT 6: 130K~


I am interested in building Apt 6.

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Im interested in all of the buildings dm me on discord ~Spider#1902

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I will hire you!

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Apt 1 or 4 (could do both). Need money for Project funding lol / Thank you

Discord @abod