[HFC] F38,000 Front Row Paradise Hills Property

Selling: Front Row Plot in Paradise Hills. Purchased about two weeks ago for F2,000 more than what I’m asking for now.
Location: Paradise Hills
Coordinates: X: -1034, Y: 85, Z: 2099 (region name brackett13)
Asking Price: F38,000
Contact: _beakboy_ or LukeTheHat#5318 on Discord

This property is first come, first serve. A sale sign has been placed on the property for purchasing while agent (_beakboy_) is offline.
By purchasing the property, you must agree to the rules of the Brackett subregion of Paradise Hills and the general rules of Paradise Hills. Agent is not subject to these rules after the purchase of the property.
Purpose of sale: Asset liquidation for future endeavours. HFC has found no issue with this property.
We recommend that you inspect the property personally.

Sold for F30,000. This post will remain up to keep record (although considering recent events this idea doesn’t entirely hold up!).
Thank you for any interest in this property.

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