Hey, I am Back!

I am ZzGroot was (KingGroot_. ~Groot, ObG_Clutch, KingThill…) i cant even remember the names at this point. But i am back as ZzGroot. I joined the server in June of 2013 while i was in HS, a few of my friends would play religiously throughout HS.

Anyways, im back now as ZzGroot, i lost my old account so im starting from scratch. I used to own GrootCo. built the SudBury Airport Hotel back in the day, a home in Hello Hills thats been updated as well as many houses and towers for others within the community. I had tons of property and big farms before I left, I’ve been unable to find a single one haha. So scratch it is. I start my days by voting for the server and working at the mines until ive hit my daily allowance. Trying to make it back up again, its a grind.

If anyone has any jobs or is looking for basic help reach out in game, I’m still learning how to build again and make things look decent. I have a few places in city’s now, hoping to eventually get a good warp spot again. Just wanted to say hello and I’m glad the server is still a thing!!



If you want to look into transferring assets from your old account maybe make a ticket in the discord or talk to an admin, it might be possible.