Hellominers Youtube Group

Hello HM Community,
This sever has been my second home since I joined in 2016 and I think it’s time we as a community come together to give the server some free advertising. Today I am proposing that a group of us HM Veterans come together and launch Youtube Channels fully devoted to HM with collabs. The idea is to create a group of HM YouTubers that act like the current top MC Youtubers: Tommiinit,Wilbur,Tubbo,Ranboo and Technoblade. If you are interested in joining this youtube group that is designed to help the server grow please join the HM Youtuber Discord.


If a youtuber actually gets a large number of following we can discuss a [YT] tag.

I guess you could also just put your username as _UltraPro_YT?

I mean serious youtubers.

i keep seeing this guy called aligamingyt with the most trophies in clash of clans