Hellominers Historian Invitation

Hello Hello Hello,

It’s been probably a year since I wrote a topic on here but anyway.

I’ll keep it short. Basically we’re in the process of designing an interactive experience modeled on the “it’s a small world” ride in Walt Disney World.

Instead of traveling through the various continents, we want to adapt this ride to be reminiscent of the servers past. I basically want a ride that will travel through the glorious past of hellominers, so everyone today can see how far we’ve come as a community and hopefully learn a bit about the server they play on.

Now we’re a bit tied for space, operating on a relatively small plot of land (100*200).

So here’s where you the community come in:

  • Give us some Hellominers history that you believe is a fundamental part of the server, describe it in detail (in case I don’t fully remember ;P)

It can be anything or anyone, as long as it’s had a major effect on the server feel free to throw your ideas in.

Not all ideas may be used, but well try our best to incorporate a lot of the ideas discussed in this topic. Thanks :wink:

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Can’t think of much at the moment but Wiki and HMGuide could be used for reference. Also the historical society discord might be able to help you.

not all at once

What you should do is break up the servers history into ages, then fit things that happened into each of the blocks.

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Two words

Apple Exploit