HelloMiners Helpme Guidelines


So in order to promote transparency, and allow you all to hold us in check, we’ve created and published our helpme guidelines which you will find below.

Helpme guidelines

Helpme’s should not sit in the queue, with none being unattended, for longer than 10 minutes. There should be no more than 5 helpme’s in the queue with none being attended.

Exceptions to these guidelines

There are a couple of exceptions to these guidelines:

If a staff member is working on a government project or other staff tasks, they do not need to do helpme’s right away but should aim to do them at their earliest convenience.

If a staff member has done 5 helpme’s in a row, they are welcome to take a 15 minute break before continuing further. This is not compulsory, and is at the staff member’s discretion.


Guidelines are only useful if there is a punishment or incentive, below you will find the punishments:

If a staff member doesn’t appear to be abiding by these guidelines 4 times a month, averaging once a week, they will forfeit any pay for that month and receive an official warning that they need to ensure they are fulfilling their helpme duties.

If a staff member then does this for another, consecutive, month they will again forfeit their pay, receive a final warning, and receive a 1 week suspension so they can see the impact staff members have on the community. If a staff member still does not abide by these guidelines, they will be removed from staff.


Punishments are all well and good, but people also deserve incentives. Should no staff member receive a warning for the month, the entire staff team gets a 25% bonus to their helpme pay.


As you can imagine, enforcement of this won’t be easy, so that’s where you come in. If you have a helpme, or see a lot of helpmes, and they are not being attended; ask the staff member if they can and give them a little time to finish up what they are working on. If they still don’t appear to be making an effort to attend the helpmes, and they do not currently fall under our exceptions, report them to us so it can be looked into further. You may do this by in-game message/mail, discord PM, public report or confidential report.


We’re hoping this will allow you all to hold us accountable, ensure we are fulfilling our duties and doing the best we can as staff members in regards to helping you in-game. We’re also hoping this will allow us to ensure we only have staff members who are dedicated to the role they chose to take on and not just their for the own, personal, benefit.