HelloMiners/HelloClan History Topic

Hello, I wanted to make a topic where vets can post pictures of HelloMiners/HelloClan around 2012-2017, when our server was at it’s peak and had roughly 30-50 players on at a time. These are the days I feel like a lot of our current players don’t really know about and it really fascinates me to see the roots our server came from. I joined in October 2013, when we would usually have a full server (64 players) online during the peak hours. During this time, River City was a new government city, and Valley City was also relatively new. We didn’t have airports, subways, large metropolitan private cities and the wealthiest players had about F200,000. I’ll post a few of mine below.

A party billymoar2 had at his NorthBay (now Sudbury) mansion circa August 2014

A selfie I took with the server founder, helloclan13 circa. 2014

First rocket launch using slime blocks and redstone blocks and pistons in Avalon City circa 2015

A screenshot of the amount of players we had online circa January 2015

Old HelloClan warp plaza circa 2015

Also did one in my city, Sunset Springs

The first private city airport ever created in Russelville Isles circa July 2015

Picture of the old server map circa 2016

Beta4Admin sign in RC after CommandoBeta opted to be admin again before the staff denying is offer circa 2017

Without further ado, if you’re an older player who’s played around those times, post pictures you have during that era!


These are never seen before images.

my first building in oasis city, this city became monbay, and the basement still exists.

this is august 2015 at my summer market stall in sudbury

one of spartans chestshops

orubu 2nd floor

ultra corp towers in wolfhills, massive 30x40 building, all the way to skylimit, ask felipe he tore it down lol, still hates me for it, was capible of renting 60k a month in apartments at full capacity

my tower in sudbury, still stands today - 2016

solaris city before any plots sold 2016

event hosted while i was mod

og wipeout

magnus being owned

solaris ordering the construction of nukes after being knocked out of the ironball tourney

admin breifing

scrapped valentines event, eventually repurposed into ecduk incursion

2018 solaris summer market

2018 valentines event (the first event)

skywars testing 2018

i dont remember this

the first fightclub event, setup in one of the towers in helloclan city

glitched leaves item 2017

my house in canosa suburbs in 2015, still exists as-is

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Damn…all screenshots I had from then are in the deep abyss somewhere…lost everything 2013-21

There is one I found 2019…

Staff list:

Richie the last mod left

When tedde posted on forums and Tedde made a post! #bRING back old forums. PLS

Little prank i pulled on staff a few years ago

How bad chat looked during Bootstoo/Magnus era

Might seem interesting now, but that stayed the same for 3 years!!! No one had perms to update it!

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I have 2 very old screenshots (from Gerhard)


Yes bro! Miss the old forums fosho

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My house in Sunset Coast. It’s still standing to this day

Old Cape Coral Pictures, circa 2019

Not In-Game but an iconic message

What was Megaletria City

Crystal Bay

Octfest 2021

Last image left on my imgur archive (before I stopped using imgur) from Horizon Estate Agency