HelloCLan plaza

Selling: (helloClan Plaza)
Location: (go to warp a/subway then hc plaza)
Coordinates: X: Y: Z:
Asking Price: F200000
Contact: (mikejohnlewis) or (mikejohnlewis)#0937 on Discord

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I bid F1

Sorry mate.

I do not think a plot that size can be worth exactly 40% of a required private city value (around F500000). It would just be ridiculous.

I get its a gov plot, but goverment cities are not front row.

I’d say the most you could get is F50000.

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I also don’t need to sell it, price is firm

If you don’t need to sell it, then why are you selling it?

Just throwing it out there. Worth it to the right buyer.

I don’t think anyone would buy any plot for F200000 anymore.

Especially considering Government Cities are no longer the most accessible anymore.

f200,000 is not justifiable whatsoever, to be precise, far from it. I do not know where you got this number from, but it is overpriced and not worth buying for anyone, unless they’re very desperate for a government plot in which case, I’d tell them to look for another plot.

Requesting topic lock @Cheerios32 @nicochulo2001 @Luc

I do not wish to see any players be scammed.


I do not wish to see any players be scammed.


this plot sold for MILLIONS of forsals back in the day, now its being called a scam :I
This was the building built and owned by tedde and hosted the original tutorial for years, and is still made by the blocks placed by the owner of our server in 2014 (i think)


Building has sold, at full 200k asking price

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Yes this is quite a rare property to own. I have maintained it over the years and kept it in its original state.

Cheers to the new owner.

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