Helloclan Community Plot Design Contest!

Attention all designers and builders of Hellominers! Today Helloclan City issue you a challenge! After a long collaboration of ideas and votes, we finally have our topic for the community plot.

A Multi-Purpose Community Center!

Meaning a place for us to host parties, productions, presentations, auctions, galas, and exhibits year round or for individuals to host special events.

We will be hosting a design contest with this subject in mind. Anyone who wants to participate may do so by creating a design within the parameters listed below.

All you have to do is design it, be it via the economy server, the build server, or via a world file of your own! No on site/survival building required!

This is the plot you will be designing for. Feel free to visit it at (-200, 67, -625) if you want to try and incorporate some design elements of the nearby area!

All designs must:

  • Fit within the plot. The plot is 72 blocks wide and 75 blocks deep
  • Use blocks that are available in survival mode
  • Fit within the landscape of Helloclan City (please no medieval, futuristic, ancient, etc. themes)
  • Be designed with the intent of being a Multi-Purpose Facility (ex: including things like a small stage for presentations, an open space for parties, side rooms for storage or for simultaneous smaller events to be held, or any other features you think would be useful)

Outside of these rules, the sky is the limit (actually its the same height rules for all buildings in HC, but you get the idea)

There is no entry fee, and no limit to the number of submissions per person. Collaborations are permitted.

All designs must be submitted via either a submission of coordinates for the economy or build servers where the build is located, or via a message to NarwhalsRcool on discord (@NarwhalsRcool) for world file submission. All submissions require a gamertag crediting the creator.

The submission period will last until August 3rd.
(extensions may be issued under certain circumstances)

The winner will be decided by the staff team. While names will not be specified when voting to ensure an unbiased opinion, the staff team reserves all rights to deny any entry if any server or contest rules are broken.

The winner will have their build pasted into the plot location with a plaque crediting the winning designer, along with a 50k forsal prize for the winner.

For any additional questions please ask them below or message NarwhalsRcool directly

We hope to see all your submissions very soon! Good luck to all our participants!