Helloclan City Revival Announcement

Ladies, Gentleman, and all those in between,

I am proud to announce the beginning of my latest project on Hellominers, Re-Opening Helloclan City. Now I know that we have had a lot of work done on government cities lately. A lot of evictions, renovations, and indefinite projects that never seem to end. Until today!

Helloclan City and the role it serves to our player base is going to change going forward. We are going to put a new focus on player interaction and community, rather than a focus on constantly changing things.

Meaning we are gonna spend less time on the small stuff, and more time on the big stuff, like EVENTS!!

As of the last 2 months I have been working to prepare Helloclan City for the start of the Summer of Helloclan. A 3 month span of events, auctions, grand openings, contests, and several exciting prizes!

As time goes on I will be announcing more and more events, but for now, here are the events that will be going on within the next couple weeks!

  • The HC Community Plot Idea Contest! (5/15/24)
    • Members of the community will be able to present ideas for a community building in HC, and after a set amount of time, we will be hosting our first IN GAME ELECTIONS!! Meaning only those who play the game can vote on what the future of HC looks like.
  • Pink Plaza Grand Opening (5/17/24)
    • The official grand opening of Pink Plaza! A new place for players to meet and trade with some familiar faces. All those in attendance will be entered in a raffle for 3 amazing prizes! (more details of the event will be announced later this week)
  • GTC Public Farm Project (5/17/24)
    • We will be giving the GTC new life by turning it into the hub for the servers best public farms. We will be accepting submissions on the forums for all farms across the entire server, and if they meet the criteria, the GTC will feature a tp button directly to your farm for players to use! All your tree farms, iron farms, guardian farms, and crop farms qualify as long as they are public. Meaning new players get access to all the materials they can farm, and you can get first dibs on new workers and possibly new customers!
  • The HC Community Plot Design Contest! (TBD)
    • Calling all designers and builders! All members of the community will be able to submit designs for the new community building (done via build server or schematic), with the winning design receiving 100k and a commemorative plaque on the structure. No building in survival required, just a creative design!
  • Helloclan Central Grand Re-Opening (5/31/24)
    • The official grand re-opening of Helloclan city Central, complete with a ribbon cutting, beginning of plot auctions, and the first of 5 tickets to commemorate the grand reopening of Helloclan City and its 5 districts. Collect all 5 and earn a very special rare item!

Like I said, this is just the beginning! We have even more stuff planned for the next couple weeks and I am so excited to bring them to you! This is my first time managing a project like this as an admin, and as a city manager, so if there is anything I can do to make your experience as a player in Helloclan City or as a member of our community, please let me know via my discord or visit me in my office in the admin building!

Thank you guys so much for reading this, and I hope to hear from you all very soon!


doesn’t this already exist @ warp jobs?

edit: might be mistaken but also feel like there was something similar planned in the eventhub but with NPCs instead of buttons

excellent question!

while /warp jobs does have tp signs to approved job facilities that may have a range of items available, this project will look to focus on the best opportunities for specific types of items or blocks.
So in theory under the oak wood position, we will have the best place to collect specifically oak wood players. The Iron block, the best iron farm. etc.

and the location within event hub is very similar. being centered around job centers that will be consistent in offering access to approved farms around the server.
This system will allow a bit of competition, where the most player friendly spaces will take over the specific spots. So there is always a possibility for a new farming location to take over

This will also be open to anyone to enter into, so you don’t have to be a city or a company for your farm to be featured. As long as its regioned, gives opportunities to new players, and doesnt just scam those who go there, it can be the featured farm

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