[HC Suburbs] Winteral 2022 Progress Update

Hello All. Once again, I’ll post an update on what’s been going in in suburbs for the past four months-or-so. The second of the quarter-annual Suburbs Update commences.

Opening of HelloClan Property Management

Although this may be elaborated upon in another topic (eventually), I figured I’d get there first, since it is somewhat suburbs related.

This NPC, is the person to go to now if you are looking for a house in suburbs (or anywhere in the future). They’ll find you a rental property for under F5000.

Credits to UltraPro for the NPC… and the video provided - converted to GIF Format.

It’s gone blurple!

Ye, that’s true. The suburbs subways stations are slowly getting a coat of paint, to make them purple. We’ve also introduced the old standard for the subway stations back to suburbs, primarily to make them look a bit nicer (and hold nostalgic value to me).

New Shades of Green

The biome thanks to End for Suburbs is now Taiga, both because West City is taiga and because I just like the shade of green it is.


So yeah. Not as much these past 4 months, but I’ve been busy settling into University, running Horizon Awards (again), and with real-world work. Still, hopefully this squashes any theories that Suburbs is still not being worked on. Any feedback, as normal message me - RE#0705 on discord, use the channels on the Discord Servers or leave a comment below.


I’ll be iterating on the rental teleporter to allow for government city apartments at a later date, and for now its only use is for teleporting to suburbs, i may do price brackets later on