[HA12] Stage Designer Bidding

Horizon Awards is hiring a stage designer for the twelfth continious awards ceremony, due to take place on Halloween 2024.


The designer must have a portfolio on hand of some kind, this can include any designs. The chosen contractor will be required to enter a non-disclosure agreement with Horizon’s Board of Directors regarding the location.

Unlike most auctioning, this will have a main fee of F40,000 which can be adjusted accordingly to request of the contractor in agreement with Horizon in the contract.

Contractors have until 2024-07-22T23:00:00Z to apply. No choices or contracts will be entered into prior to this date.

Previous designs have been provided as a frame of reference.

The 5 Previous Stage Designs

Designs must be completed by Mid-September. An exact date will be agreed to. If the design is not completed, the contractor will not be paid and an alternative contractor will be found.

Application Form

Please reply to this topic to apply. Discord-based applications will not be accepted, as I recieve too many messages on a daily basis to keep track of these in this format.

Name/Company Name:
Completion Time:


  • Count of People Attempting to Apply on Discord: 2

Name/Company Name: beak_boy
Price: 40,000
Portfolio: Alexandria and Yakaze HA Stage Designs; City of Yakaze; SUD Infrastructure
Completion Time: July 30th (7 days)

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