GTC needs a serious overhaul

Hello all,
Hope you are having a great day. There’s an issue that needs addressing and it’s the pricing of GTC (or that the chests are admin chests). I feel like the prices have gone wrong at some point and while the market has evolved into a certain direction, the GTC hasn’t changed accordingly. Like there’s less and less raw material harvesting that would pump certain item prices up, the GTC is stopping the price from evolving.

As an example who would go to nether to find a biome where there’s blackstone and mine it while being attacked by ghasts and lava when you can warp to GTC’s bottomless chest and buy it for 22F a stack. Fish like 10 minutes with one hand while the other one is on remote control and get enough money to buy 2 dubs of blackstone from GTC. As a shopkeeper I feel it isn’t fair to compete against and adminshop that nobody is stocking, nobody is needing to put the effort in to stock it. It just isn’t right.

In my opinion GTC should be an emergency option where you go to if it’s absolutely necessary, and if market price is going to catch up with GTC:s prices, they should automatically go up.

Selling to GTC is completely another story, it’s an important way to get some money. But on the other hand, you would probably be better setting up a shop to sell your stuff for WAY more, that’s why the GTC sell prices should not go too high either (to not kill the selling market).

I went through the prices. Here’s a little analysis for each item and suggestions where the price should be moved. Didn’t want to push certain items too much but also wanted to make a clear difference. Moving the prices up should lighten up the market with certain prices, which makes me excited too.

Here’s the list:
(name, amount, buy price, sell price)

dirt 64 b30 s 8 ok

grass block 64 b32 s 9 ok

gravel 64 b28 s 12. Why is this cheaper than dirt? By far less common and much more needed. Gravel is a really important ingredient to concrete making and sf, so an adminshop selling it this cheaply limits the natural price progression on market. Minimum B40 S12 would work better.

Diorite / granite / andesite 64 B25 S12. This is a big market price stopper. These blocks cannot be made with sf, they have to be manually mined. Price should be at least double so it would be profitable for people to go mining it. B50 S12

Cobblestone 64 B22 S8. A bit same as before, but a more common material. Still a market stopper price at B22, should be perhaps the same as gravel, B40. Why was the sell price dropped to S8, I remember this being S12 in the past. Maybe back to S12?

Stone 64 B24 S10. A more refined version of cobblestone so should be more expensive than that. B42 perhaps? S14?

Netherrack 64 B36 S9 ok.

Nether bricks 64 B50 S27. A block that you either make by furnacing netherrack (4 netherracks make one block of this) or go mining nether fortresses. Needs to be far more expensive. B128 S27

Soul sand 64 B25 S13. One of the most outrageous prices here. Four soul sands make one quartz block with sf. So buying this you can make quartz 100F a stack. Should be at least 6x-8x higher. B200 : S13.

Soul soil 64 B28 S14. As far as I know this can’t be used to make quartz. What is this even used for? Does this need to be here? Still really cheap for an adminshop price. Far harder to get than dirt so should be priced accordingly. 1F per block, B64 S14?

Coal 1 B1.6 S 0.5. Crucially important ingredient in SF, and with the current price a price progression stopper on the market. Suggesting B3 S 0.5.

Redstone 1 B1.2 S0.4. Again a progression stopper on market. Suggesting same price as coal’s, B3 S0.5.

Lapis lazuli 1 B2.5 S1.25. Progression stopper on market. Price could be lifted to B4 :S 1.25.

Copper ingot 1 B7.5 S0.75. This is far more common nowdays as it was before, and with fortune it yields loads of copper with ease. The price could be dropped to maybe B5 S0.75.

Emerald 1 B3 S0.3. I feel like this price doesn’t interfere with the market.

Gold ingot 1 B2 S0.5. A bit low price, especially gold being a pain to get by mining. Gold farms don’t work as they used to. This is a complete market progression stopper. Should be at least B6 S0.5.

Iron ingot 1 B1.5 S0.35. Massive market progression stopper. Again slow to get by mining. Iron farms seem to produce good iron but why should this admin shop dictate the price? B5 S0.35.

Diamond 1 B25 S8. Possibly the second biggest flaw here, and also a pricing error. With SF you can make 32 coals with one diamond, so it makes coal price with this method 0.78F each. GTC price for coal is currently B1.6. If we want to make the prices correlate (3F per coal), diamond price should be 96F each. So B96 S8.

Ice 64 B12 S3. Why is the price of this so low? This makes ice / packed ice / blue ice farming obsolete. With SF you can freeze ice into packed ice and blue ice. Should be at least B32 S3.

Cobbled deepslate 64 B24 S 12. It’s as common as cobblestone, so price should be according. B40 S 12.

Deepslate 64 B25 S 13. Same price as stone would make sense here. B42 S14.

Basalt 64 B19 S8. Too low again, absolutely no room for price progression. This is irritating to mine in nether because of the lava and whatnot. Price should be at least B52. Sell price is a bit low, could be lifted to S15-17.

Blackstone 64 B22 S14. Same as before, about as rare as basalt but far more needed. Price should be the same as basalt’s. B52 S15-17.

Obsidian 64 B150 S40. I feel like this is ok.

Potato / carrot 64 B10 S6. Ah, so this is why I don’t sell any of these. Buy price is ridiculously low. B32 S6.

Beetroot 64 B14 S6. Ah, so this is why I don’t sell any of these. Buy price is ridiculously low. B32 S6.

Hay block 64 B100 S60. Okay, first thing: fortune doesn’t work with wheat, but it does with potatoes and carrots. Why is wheat’s price the same as potatoes and carrots? Secondly: Price is outdated as wheat just became a huge thing since packed mud became popular. Should we encourage farming /free market rather than buying from an adminshop? 10F per block, B640 S60.

Melon / pumpkin 64 B7 S4. A bit low again. I know these are easy to autofarm but let the market decide the price. Sell price is a bit high for autofarmable block. B20 S3?

Wools B30 S14. Very low, this is currently stopping price progression on market. Can be autofarmed, but it’s hard as you need to farm all colours. There’s a big market for these too because of map art. Wouldn’t it be nice to have wool bulk stores rather than an adminshop? B64 S10.

Crafting table / furnace / bed / chest 1 B5. I feel like these are ok.

Barrel 1 B2.8 S0.7. Why different price as chest? Crafting recipe is slightly cheaper than chest’s but couldn’t this be B5 too?

Bookshelf 1 B8 S4. This is ok buy price, sell price a bit high maybe, S3?

Hopper 1 B14 S5. A bit low buy price and high sell price. B20 S3?

Redstone lamp 1 B12 S4.5. Buy price ok, but sell price a bit high. S2?

Note block 1 B3 S0.8. A bit low price, B5 S0.8?

Dispenser 1 B30 S6. Buy price is ok, but sell price a bit high perhaps? B30 S4.

Piston 1 B8 S2.2. A bit low for a craftable item. B10 S2.2.

Sticky piston 1 B10 S3.3. To correlate with piston B12 S2.4 would work better.

Sand 64 B 28 S 12. A bit low buy price, needs a bit more buffer with market prices. B40 S12 would work better.

Sandstone 64 B50 S16. Market price stopper again. 1.5F per block B96 S16.

Red sand 64 B29 S 13. Same price as sand would make sense. B40 S12.

Red sandstone 64 B55 S22. I understand this price as this is almost unobtainable in vanilla mc. This chest is the whole market of red sandstone in HM.

Terracotta 64 B35 S20. Buy price is low and sell price high. Buy price should be at least 1F per block and sell price perhaps same as sandstone. B64 S16.

End stone 64 B25 S14. As common as stone, price could correlate as well. B42 S14.

Birch, oak, acacia 64 B72 S24. This is a bit problematic pricing. I know there are lumber axes that can rip the entire forest at once but the demand for wood is also high. The price of wood could be lifted to B128 S24.

Spruce, jungle, dark oak 64 B72 S24. These are so fast to get even from wilderness that the price is not really interfering with the market. Sell price could be dropped to S14. B72 S14.

Mangrove 64. Currently no price but out of these this is the hardest to farm as the roots don’t despawn on their own. Not possible to farm effectively. Price should be according. Suggesting B192 S30.

Nether trees 64. No price but I see a placeholder block. Again, the “leaves” don’t despawn so farming these is really painful. Suggesting 3F per block, B192 S30.

This is it. Please comment and like / hate.


I’ve always thought that the GTC was a pest to the economy. The only reason we’ve kept it around is that we believed newbies needed a place to sell their stuff after a mining trip / doing a demo job.

But like you pointed out in this post, the GTC stops the markets from being elastic. Obviously that isn’t the only factor as every shop owner seems to think that having the lowest prices is far more important than actually being stocked.

This causes an effect where any starting megastore owner gives up on stocking their store eventually because when you sell concrete for 35F a stack you allow people to clear out a dub for a measly 1890F. Which is money you can earn with doing some event hub job in less time than it takes to make yet another dub of concrete.

So yes, we need to change the GTC prices drastically and for the love of God shipowners respect yourself some more and raise your prices to a point where it actually rewards you to stock your store.

We’re in a demand crisis anyway, you could literally charge triple the standard prices of today and people will still buy from you because shops are barely stocked.

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If for one reason or another staff do not want to change the prices of each shop, another solution could be converting the chests to Government chests. That way there is not an infinite sell/buy opportunity. Not every chest needs to be Government --stuff like cobblestone or stone can stay AdminShop so people can still sell it, but the more rare blocks (like you mentioned) that would be better bought/sold in player shops can be Government. This is how it used to be actually. About half of the GTC shops were “Government” not “AdminShop”. I’m not sure the reason for them all to be AdminShop, but maybe we can explore making them Government again.

As the resident tnt expert if gtc gets removed can i blow it up?

We can totally update the prices, I did the current price overhaul
when we opened up event hub and I basically tried to go around to a number of large shops and based my prices off of that, I agree its time for an audit and this need to be done asap.

Prices have been overhauled, thank you for your input.