Grant train stations similar rights to airports on the server

As cities expand and grow, it is becoming an obvious fact that airports, in their current and planned future state, aren’t realistic or viable enough for future transport.
I believe, to provide an alternative to airports, train stations should be able to have the same availability of airports (with certain exceptions). So my proposal is this:

  • Train Stations are allowed to be used to traverse between cities in the same manner as airports
  • New cities with values of only F250,000 or above are permitted to have a connection with /warp a provided their train stations have certain special features such as 2 platforms and 2 railways, are considered a terminus, are of at least an F10,000 land value (same as airports), and can connect to other cities
  • For every city connection they must have at least one extra platform and track (2 platforms and 2 tracks required for a /warp a connection)
  • Fit in with the general surroundings
  • They are considered to be “central” to a city, is located near the current airport or nether tunnel connection and near what is considered to be the most prominent district (to be determined by DOI or DOC staff)
  • They must have a physical train track running at least 50 blocks outside the edge of the cities designated borders, being in a special region
  • These connecting train tracks may continue for physical use
  • They can have connections to subways
  • The main train line must be dual track with realistic turns
  • Largely be inside a tunnel, on the ground, or on realistically designed elevated tracks

Obviously, edits can be made to this, as it’s just a simple proposal.

EDIT: I also do know that a government train station will be built soon, and I think this would be a good additional feature for it.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.


I’d love this, especially with the new high speed trains we have

As much as I love working on railways I see no need whatsoever to make it official and have departments handle it. Departments are awfully slow and inefficient at running things, plus players seem to have fun doing it unofficial.


Keep trains privately owned, it allows cities to have more freedom and makes it less like highways which are painfully annoying to build and approve and all that stuff. It would be nice for someone to map all the train routes we have and expand but no Gov dept ty


Welcome to the community CakeDevil275

Just to clarify. I’m not saying we should discontinue the current system. I’m saying we should also create the ability to have teleports there from a warp, which wouldn’t remove current methods of transportation.
Please read this thing before replying, too.

Train Stations have already been confirmed in the Infrastructure Department.

Yay! Now we can wait 2 weeks to have our train stations approved for absolutely 0 reason because they’re working fine privately!

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I don’t know why you have a problem with train stations being government managed, when we warned people of us exploring the idea of railroads long term during March, and considering it was in the main HelloMiners discord with an mass mention of everyone - and said to give feedback - and you had plenty of time to give feedback - but didn’t.

Also, highways do not in fact, need approval. If they did, then it’d be pretty annoying for players - considering highways can’t easily be approved - nor can you stop someone from building roads and allowing transport.

Also it takes less than 2 weeks. It normally takes up to 48 hours for an approval.

My proposal is for a continuation of the private network, but with additional warp features. [REMOVED]

I think the current railroad system should connect to gov cities, but not have an airport like system

I reiterate again. We’re not planning to make it all government owned. In fact, it’s not even finalised what we’re doing. We’ve not even confirmed how it’s going to work, just stated it’s a possiblility.

If we can stop spreading misinformation - then people would be clearer.

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I never claimed you were trying to make it all government owned? I don’t think any of it not relating to gov cities should be government owned… I would love gov cities to get in touch with the current private cities operating railways and see if they could connect, but I don’t see any need for there to be departments handling a private venture.

Trains got popular without government assistance, why is it necessary for yall to step in now?

my bad i thought you were replying to me lmao that’s embarrassing