[Government] Public Farm Teleportation Requests

For the benefit of new players, we are going to be creating on demand TP to public farms. Since the start of HM public farms have been useful in getting new players started out and acclimatized to the economy. We want to encourage players to help newer players out by offering more jobs and ways to earn money, as much as possible. Allowing players to have an airport like NPC will help get the economy moving. The location for this, will be in the event hub near TedEx.

For a farm to be considered to be added to the GUI, farm owners must make sure a set of criteria is met, and continues to be followed throughout the productive life of the farm. Staff reserve the right to revoke or deny a “Farm License” for any reason.

All farms can have a number of job options for players to partake in. Farms can also have a single job that is hyper focused on one commodity however provides variety for the work, for example a lumber camp with all log types or concrete mill. A list of possible job ideas is as follows:

Mob Grinders (Naturally Spawned and not placed)
Wool Farms
Log Chopping
Dirt, cobble or stone farms
Concrete Wetting (Buy concrete powder, wet it, sell it for profit)
Fishing (Pyro Fish, sell by tier)
Crop Planting or harvesting
Sugarcane/Honey/Raid Farm
Item Crafting (Buy sticks and diamonds, sell pickaxe for profit)
Brewery Plugin Brewing (need a tutorial)
Slimefun item crafting (need a tutorial)
Villager Trading Hall

or more!

Any farm is required to be presentable, and look really really nice, this is probably one of the first few things a player will see when they join the server, so make it neat and clean! Add decorations and make it pretty.

Well how do you profit? Players will complete any of the tasks above, and sell you the items, which you can then flip for a small profit by supplying companies or using for your own benefit. Pricing MUST be reasonable, and not take advantage of new players.

Exploitable Locations:
Farms can not be in an area that would overwhelmingly benefit the farm owner. Farms can not be your main base of operations, or somewhere you need to get to on a daily basis. Farms may be within a city, however said city must have an approved airport and of an appropriate city tier. Rental units or apartments are encouraged for new players.

Guidelines for approving farms:

  1. Visually Appealing
  2. One or more ways to profit
  3. Pricing for sell chests is within 20% of gtc sell price
  4. Area is not in an exploitable location (See exploitable Locations)
  5. Would a new player actually use this as a job?
  6. Farm License is in a publicly visible location.

You will get an actual Farm License that is publicly displayed on your farm

Farm License Application:
There is a non-refundable fee of F10,000 once your farm is approved and added to the gui.

Company Name:
Farm Name:
Farm Specialization:
Jobs offered:
Hourly pay based on sell shops (estimate, will be displayed on gui):
Images (optional)