[Government Contract] North City Train Station


  1. The contract bidding will be open for 48 hours, the conditions for the winning bid are (to be deliberated by Infrastructure Department staff)

1a. The price of the bid
1b. The timeframe of completion

  1. If the winning bidder fails to complete construction within the agreed upon timeframe, the contract with them will be cancelled.
  2. The contractor can hire builders, and it will be their responsibility to pay for the workers they hire within their own budget.
  3. 20% of payment will be awarded after the bidding has closed, with the remaining 80% being given upon completion.
  4. Should the contractor fail to complete the build in the agreed time, the staff will determine what compensation is deserved. If no progress has been made, the 20% will be taken back, and the contractor will be fined 10k.
  5. The government will be responsible for covering the cost of purchased materials; the contractor will be responsible for making a spreadsheet of all materials bought, the price per block or per stack, and the number of blocks/stacks purchased. This will be cross-referenced with the material list to ensure there are no discrepancies.
  6. Although the lowest bid is almost certainly guaranteed a contract (see 7), the Infrastructure Department will also take into consideration the time the builder will take to fulfil the contract.

Bidding Format


Images and Misc. It is expected that you keep in contact with me on discord as you progress in building the structure.

Starting Bid F200,000

IGN: AlexIsTurnt
Bid: 200,000
Time: 3 weeks

You have won the Auction! We will be in contact with you shortly