[GOV] PIL Sponsors needed

The Professional Ironball League is looking for a league sponsor. The money will be used to cover prize costs to the participating teams. Sponsor will be:

  • advertised on stadiums that host PIL games (4 maparts on the pitch walls)
  • advertised in in-game chat announcements (shoutouts, “Welcome to this PIL matchup sponsored by x”)
  • advertised on discord chat announcements

This post is technically considered an auction.

  • Highest offer wins after 24 hours
  • Reply with your company name, IGN, and sponsor offer.

If you do not win the auction, there are other ways to sponsor Ironball.

  • You can sponsor teams by having your name on the stadium.
  • You can sponsor teams by becoming the team mascot.
  • You can sponsor a team stadium by putting mapart on a specific stadium.

Groot Co. // ZzGroot // F5,000

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West City Corp. / Sponsored by West City / TOROMBOO / 15,000F

Groot Co. // ZzGroot // F20,000

XOMY / Chronoxomy / 45k

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Rapid4 / Mister_Misery / 90k

Horizon Enterprises // Edgewurth // F10000

Rays Inc | Richie | 100k

This bid is invalid, must be higher than Luc’s 90k, which has now been outbid by Richie


Rays Inc | Richie | 160k

Rapid4/Mister_Misery/ 180k

Rapid4 Wins