[GOV EVENT] Professional Ironball League 2023 Interest Post

Hello all, after recent inquiries around the continuation of Ironball, i’ve decided to conduct a poll to see who would currently play. If we have enough to play i’m gonna keep the league low maitenance so its easier to follow.

I’m gonna try to conduct a double round robin season and the team with the most points wins the league.

Win - 3 points
Draw - 1 point
Loss - 0 points

If we can get four teams, or a minimum 8 players, we can follow through with it. Please make sure you’re gonna be active and available for the next month or so if you plan on playing.

  • I want to play
  • I want to register a team

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Current poll results: 5 want to register a team, and 10 want to play. It has hit the minimum so we will be launching the signup topic soon.