Goober Logistics Inc.

Goober is HM’s latest logistics company. We offer FREE flights, FREE taxi rides, FREE Teslo deliveries and affordable deliveries for other companies along with affordable freight transport.

Our Free services
Want a taxi from your base to the closest airport and want to include a flight with that as well? No problem! Goober will bring you to the closest airport, fly you to any destination and taxi you back to your end destination completely free of charge!

Building in the wilderness and in dire need of food or an extra stack of materials? No need to head back home with Goober’s FREE delivery services. Of course you’ll pay for the goods but the delivery won’t cost you a dime! It doesn’t matter from which shop you order and it doesn’t have to be Teslo.

Goober Freight

Goober Freight is meant for large deliveries and moving storages.

For deliveries from both Teslo and non-Teslo stores we charge 10% of the total price. and for moving storages we use the following tarrifs:

Up to 128 stacks: 5F a stack
Up to 512 stacks: 4F a stack
Up to 1028 stacks: 3F a stack
Up to 10,000 stacks: 2F a stack
Up to 100,000 stacks: 1F a stack

The time it takes to move storage depends on the amount of stacks that need to moved.

Interested in our free services or our delivery services Just message a Goober rider

Interested in our freight services send a discord message to lucifer0966

Our Fleet
Our fleet exists of 2 taxis and 4 planes so far but we’re expending our fleet every week!