Get rid of mushroom drops from dirt mining

Whenever I go to do terraforming or clear land, I have to mine dirt. This dirt mining often results in the dropping of different kinds of mushrooms. THIS SUCKS. These mushrooms dropping fill up inventories and storage significantly, and result in many
more loose items being in loaded chunks, increasing server lag. Even if these do provide a genuine purpose, their drop rates have to be decreased dramatically or there has to be another way to collect them. It’s a nuisance, sure, but it’s one we shouldn’t have.

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Can the staff please respond at some point? There seems to have been quite a clear verdict…

You can literally fill your inv slots with the stuff that you do want to block out what you don’t want in a matter of seconds. Removing the mushrooms would mean removing the entire addon which is used by various shops already so we’re not removing it. Best I can do is check to lower the rate of the drops when I’m back from Germany.