Friday Weekly Event: Hunger Games!

Last night was a fun night!
Had quite a few players on & decided to hit the Fight Club arena for some good times.

Money was won, lost, and blood was spilled! (Ultra, damn you for making me gamble.)

This evening will be no different! Except instead of Fight Club…

Volunteer yourself as tribute for tonights weekly event - HUNGER GAMES! Huge Cash Prize + Goodies ! 2nd & Third Place Rewards! Be on the lookout this evening around 6:30 EST.

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Planning your Hunger Games strategies? I hope so - Here’s the Prizes listed out for tonight:
1st Place: 10,000 Forsals, Hunger Games Event Rare
2nd Place: 5000 Forsals
3rd Place: 1500 Forsals

Hope to see everyone on! Festivities will begin around 6:30-7:00 PM EST.

Thank you