fluffythebunnyx ban appeal

Hey everyone it me again,

Anyways im appealing my perm ban which was for general behaviour, and was banned by Magnus. The process of being banned was confusing and I was falsely accused of hacking somebodys account? The logs that were provided towards my ban were from 2018 and i was 13 at the time, i think i dont behave the same way anymore and it has been over a year since i was banned. Even at the time of ban that was a long time ago.

(i am now 16 and have matured a lot, i think i should be given another opportunity)

Thx in advance <3


I say give her another chance…

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Hell if you still interested in this server for so long and you arnt chickenbitch, you deserve a second chance.

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thanks guys, unlike chicken i aren’t just interested in been a troll

Staff are discussing your appeal, we will get back to you once a decision is made.



any news?

After discussing and voting, the majority of the staff team has voted to deny your appeal.