Fix Shrines and Islands/Increase Loot/Work on Balancing

Hello, its me 4K, and im tired of how stale Hellominers has become. Shrines and the Unknown Island used to be a great aspect of the server. It was a great alternative to make money rather than taking the usual route of grinding mob hunter or cargo port, however, now due to lack of maintenance and constant nerfs to drops the Unknown Island, Temple, Pirate Island, and much more, they have become almost useless. Events are fun and they draw in players, along with Shrines being a fun aspect players can grind all year round. There is no fun in them anymore. I want to bring the excitement back to these shrines and after doing some research I’ve come to this conclusion.

Pirate Island: First off, the main mob loot is fine, however, the boss key drop rate is really slim. When you fight the Captain, he has literally 5k health. Isn’t Pirate island supposed to be the easiest shrine. Like wtf, it took me 10mins to kill the dude with Jf + Offhand. Secondly, the loot is absolute garbage, I got less than a stack of coal and some gold nuggets. I remember before the nerf it used to drop 100f, and on occasion 500f bank notes. With inflation today, I think it would be fair to add bank notes or some way of earning direct money back into shrines.

Oil Rig: I believe this was added to drop Quav car fuel back in the day, however, now it is probably the least broken of all the shrines, however, I would suggest re-adding an oil boss to fight that drops the new vehical fuel now. Without the boss, the shrines is pretty boring.

Tranquil Temple: Theres some sort of Mimic that spawns there, idk who added it but they are also on the pyramids in the twin temple shrine. That mob is too op, even for these shrines, can like 1 tap people. Also I suggest upping the quartz rate drop on this shrine.

Twin Pyraminds: Mobs fine, when the skins actually load, however, the mobs boss key drop rate is so slim it took me about 10mins to get a boss key. The boss loot is also really lame, its just sand, like what’s the point. I suggest adding some uk and temple tokens as a drop bc its the hardest shrine and also adding some bank notes as well. This one is pretty broken with Pirate Island.

Unknown Island: Drops fine, just wish the warbane would get a buff as an item and also bank notes would be added back. Uk tickets are selling for 3k. I think thats pretty good evidence to suggest that maybe the bank notes need to be added back as before the drop nerfs UK tickets sold for 15k easily.

Temple: Add bank notes back and also make the first boss more balanced. The first boss way to op at hand to hand combat so ppl just result to killing it from afar. Also add bank notes back. No point in going if im just getting normal diamond armor with a red nice tag on it.

**Rare Nerf Plugin: ** I get the point that rares were nerfed so that illegal rares would be nerfed too, however, this has gone to far. The idea of unique rares has gone to shit if they just contain vanilla enchants and with the occasional speed and dmg buff that the plugin cant clear. Ultra said he would find a way to add the special rare enchants back, however, after months and months, nothing has been done. Looting VI vote swords, Magma and UK armor, Pickaxes, Educk Sheers, are all just fuking vanilla items now.

Enabling Smithing Table: Honestly, why not allow rares to become netherite now, you guys have made them all vanilla pretty much. Secondly, even if no debuff had happened netherite only adds such a little buff to rares it wouldn’t matter that much. Rares give +15 dmg, Speed III, whats the deal if we just add an extra +1 armor by making them netherite, northing to much will happen lol.

Adding Bank Notes Back: I get the point of why you guys removed bank notes, they can be duped, but uh like, casino tokens have been added, vote keys are still a thing, bp notes are still a thing, they can all be duped, so why just remove bank notes. Re-Add bank notes please.

Ps: Probs a lot of typos but hey, i kinda am in a rush and also I know admins are busy but like, please to god maintain at least something, jesus, thank you

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I swear I removed the mimics: they were supposed to be for an event that never ended up getting made.

I’ll have another go at removing them very soon.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, why do you want bank notes? They seem kinda useless.

EDIT 2: Mimics are now gone from everywhere except Pirate Island (where you have to properly go looking for them, thought I’d leave those there to commemorate the frustration/meme they were).

I want bank notes added as a way for everyone to make some money when they fight despite the drops. They also existed in the shrines for years. I think another reason would be that the new rares are a lot weaker and a lot less interesting than the old rares for example that the uk droped. I think that it would be a good idea of going to the uk a more valuable prospect again.

I think it’s possible to make the mobs drop money directly, which is definitely easier (and also allows variation if we wanted).

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It is possible to make the mobs give money upon their death. It would be better to do that than to have them drop bank notes, because we can scale the money given based upon the difficulty of the mob and we can do it on the fly.

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Yes, that would be perfect.

Just an update, I have reviewed both the forest and pirate shrines and given my suggestions on how much each mob should drop from them. At some point in the near future, I will review the rest of the shrines and give suggestions for those as well.

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