Fight Club - Each Monday

Each Monday a fight club will be taking place, with a monthly winner to be announced.

There will also be an annual prize and a final play-off for fighter of the year.

Spectators can also place bets on who will win!

You will be informed in advance where the fight club will be meeting.



  1. you do not talk about Fight Club
  2. you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!
  3. if a player yells “stop” or doesn’t turn up, the fight is over!

Please note, private cities or players that have a fight club venue can inform Thendil if they wish to be added to the list of venues.

Government Venue at CB is also available. I am free for staff training.

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Already broke the first rule of fight club! you do not talk about Fight Club!


Fight club will be starting from next Monday now, due to the number of responses. Please use the sign up sheet (link above) to take part.