Eviction: West City

· Buildings do not all need to be architectural masterpieces, but must be reasonably appealing.

· Eyesores are judged by the staff team and city employees.

· If there is ever uncertainty whether a building is an eyesore, the staff team will assess the building and reach a verdict.

· When a building is deemed to be an eyesore it will be given a notice, and the Eyesore process outlined in Section VI must be followed.

· All Government city plots must be actively used. For a plot to be considered actively used, it must meet at least one of the following conditions (except for plots meant for homes):

· There must be apartments available for rent on most floors if the plot is a skyscraper.
· There must be at least one chestshop per 20 blocks of the plot’s surface area, and the chest shops must be sufficiently stocked.
· The plot must have shop space(s) available for rent at a reasonable price.
· Anything else reasonably determined as “actively used” by the staff team.

· If a plot does not meet at least one of these conditions, it will receive a notice in accordance with the Eyesore process in Section VI.

The following plots are not being actively used and one has its roof still missing, leaving a giant gaping hole in the building.

Plot Region Name: future-scraper2
Owners: EliteMoosh, natedogg723, and _MakiNishikino
Inactive for: Banned, over 4 months, over 2 years.