[Events Dept] Ice Boating Raceway Design

Hi there.

Today, the events department is looking for people who are willing to design a façade around the raceway we have designed. This will be a unique bid auction (lowest bid wins) for a DESIGN of the following parameters.

The attached photo is the raceway. We would like a themed design to surround it and make it look pretty. We have no preference for themes but a few examples include: a forest, modern cityscape or a classic raceway. The size of the track is approximately 437x100 blocks, but the design is not limited by size (i.e the design doesn’t need to fit in that area). We are not subject to time constraints but would recommend the design be completed in about a month or so.

A server will be provided by the events department to facilitate the design that will be up 24/7. There will also be utility plugins like worldedit for use. There will be irregular check-ups to see progression of the design and to answer any queries you may have.

Auction Format:

Company or Username: 
(Additional comments if required)

The bidding starts at: F650,000

EDIT: winner of the contract will be the lowest bid for 72 hours

Looks like you almost copied Imola lol

It’s actually nürburgring nordschleife lmao

BID: 650.000
Theme = Modern city theme

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Username: beak_boy
Bid: F620,000
Theme: (Amplified-esque) Jungle Village
Sketch Images will be provided within a few hours from posting.

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yea resemblence is similar

610 000

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Same Theme

590 000


i’ll make it a vibe and a half i PROMISE

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what is your ign?

Jenica. Btw the format is a guideline.

Congratulations Jenica, you’ve won the contract for F565,000!

Thank you everyone for participating and keep your eye out because there will be more contracts in the future (maybe of a smaller size though)!