[Event] The 12 Bosses Of Christmas! Advent, Bosses, Crates + More!

Hello everyone, I am glad to finally announce our next seasonal event! Throughout the month of December, /warp Christmas will be open to all players and staff!

This event was designed to be mindful of issues of past seasonal events while still giving enough content to keep players engaged in the server daily. Hopefully this event will bring in activity for new or returning players. There will be a number of new additions to the event area along with all new rares for you to hunt for!

Along with some of the basic features of a HelloMiners event, there will be some new and exciting editions this year. Players will be working hard to gather Mistletoe, this months event currency. Berries can be spent in a number of player designed and staff designed shops around the event area. Some shops have been themed towards regular players of the server, and we hope to add additional custom head shops to add more content.

We will be hosting Secret Santa again this year hosted by the staff team. More info is available in the official topic!. The xmas tree at the event area will be where we host Secret Santa. If you wish to participate, keep an eye on the forums and make sure to enter your name before the cutoff date!

Along with an updated 2022 Xmas crate (disregard the image) we have added all new rares and increased chances at boss keys throughout the event. We want to make it obtainable for players to get most of the items the event will offer, however make it more challenging, like we did with the backrooms event. Players will find their best chances of getting keys is to login daily! NEW **if you want to upgrade your keys, check out Penguins Forge, somewhere in Christmas Town to find out how.

The Present Hunt is returning! As by popular request, the egg hunt from the Valentines Event has been reskinned to give it a more Christmas-y theme… Currently there are 20 heads to find within the event area, can you find them all? A cash prize awaits you for collecting all 20! If players complete this too quickly we will add additional heads. Finding a Present, allows you to open it by right clicking it! Mistletoe will not be awarded from right clicking a present this year, and all locations have been changed. If Mistletoe drops are not enough let me know and I can re-enable the feature.

And last but not least, we have a DJ booth! Use the NPC to play a special Christmas themed song across the event area. You can choose not to hear it by going to Settings > Audio > Noteblocks + Music | and turning it off in your Minecraft Settings.

But wait! There’s more! More Secrets to be revealed. More prizes to be won! Make sure to check with Santa every day to get new rewards! Santa can be located across from DJ Doooodles Dancefloor at /warp Christmas!

Here is a video of the Advent Calendar, you can access it automatically on December the 1st (North America time, unsure when the days reset at but its based on servers physical timezone) Rewards will be different each day and are subject to change. If you miss a reward you will be unable to go back and claim it the following day. Be warned.

Catching every single advent date (yes they wont break this year) will allow you to obtain the green hover cane! similar to last years model, this one comes in, well, GREEN!

We have also added an ironball field, new DJ songs, a marcs diner quest, 3x3 updated maparts for all official stores, and a couple neat little secrets! This year we intend to have all 12 bosses up and running, and they will be released as soon as I complete them.

As with all events, prices in shops are subject to change along with drop rates, if you believe something should be changed let me know ASAP.


This looks wonderful ultra! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into this event for us!