[Event] Summer Market 2023

Summer Market 2023 Opening - Archendale

The wait is over, sorry for the huge delay.

We’re thrilled to announce that the Summer Market 2023 is now officially open, showcasing a breathtaking Medieval Stylish-themed area suspended majestically over the heart of Archendale. Prepare to be enchanted by 11 exquisite stalls, a charming fishing hut, a delectable butcher’s shop, an impressive townhall, a sacred mob shrine, a meticulously designed entrance complete with a parking lot, and an exciting upcoming boss-fighting arena nestled within the northern mountain range adjacent to the townhall.

Discover the Event Area Map

Behold the Wonders of the Event Area

Entrances: If you are more into roleplay; Embark on your journey through two distinct entrances - the Southwest gate flaunts a one-of-a-kind parking lot design, while the North gate seamlessly connects to the downtown district via a charming walkway bridge. NOTE: Southwest gate is connected with the road coming up directly from the Airport!
You can also access the event area via /warp summer

Beneath the sheltering tree near the spawn point, discover the Summer Crate and Government Exchange NPC.

Head southeast to uncover the quaint fishing hut and its specialized dock, beckoning you to set sail and reel in the bounty of Archendale’s unique fish species. (Fishing activity will be available within 48 hours from the time of this post - waiting on admin)

To the south of the spawn area, indulge in the finest culinary offerings at the Butcher’s stall. Savor the exceptional SFC chicken and mouthwatering medium-rare steak, tantalizing your taste buds like never before.

Feast your eyes on the intricate design of the stalls, available for free claiming throughout the event. Before securing your stall, be sure to acquaint yourself with the rules and guidelines conveniently displayed near the grand tree.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to read this announcement! Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Summer Market 2023 and relish every moment of this extraordinary event. :sun_with_face:


Q: How can I claim a stall?
A: You can reserve a stall by executing the /helpme command or by reaching out to Abodz. Familiarize yourself with the stall claiming guidelines showcased near the grand tree before proceeding.

Q: Why are there only 11 stalls?
A: Our focus was centered on infusing intricate details and engaging activities into the event area, rather than overwhelming it with unclaimed stalls. Should the demand for stalls remain high, we are open to expanding this offering in due time.

Q: What are the activities that I can do?
A: Prepare for a myriad of experiences, including fishing expeditions, embarking on mob-hunting mission within the sacred Mobshrine to obtain certain rares, relishing freshly prepared meats from the Butcher’s stall, and even having the chance to meet and greet our esteemed Mayor in the townhall!

Q: When will the boss-fight area be opened?
A: Anticipate the thrilling opening of the boss-fighting arena approximately midway through the event, promising the pursuit of coveted rare items that will surely test your mettle.

Q: When will the event end?
A: While we do not have an exact end date at this juncture, we anticipate the festivities to grace us until September, possibly extending into the first weeks of October. Rest assured, we will communicate the final closing date within the event area once determined.

Thank you for your kind attention! Let the Summer Market 2023 adventure commence, and may your days be filled with merriment and joy! :sunflower: