[Event] Halloween 2022 Launch

Halloween 2022

Its that time of year everyone, and the event is now live.
Gear up and get ready for one of the most unique events HM will ever see. No more event currency, no more abusing shrines with nightbanes, this event will really test your patience and skills. The backrooms have opened up and an incursion is underway. Can you recover some interdimensional items before the time runs out?

From now until November 1st, gather your friends and travel to a world like no other. Starting from /warp halloween, you can talk to the scientist at Async Laboratories to help them out with some experiments.

Travel into the Backrooms and fight off all sorta of weird and unusual creatures. Players will have to obtain items through chests, and gear up to defeat those that haunt them. Please note PVP is turned on in the event area by default and can not be turned off.

To get items out of the Event Area, players will need to use the opertunities given to them in chat. Clicking on a Void Window will refund the F500 deposit and clear your inventory for a safe return. Or clicking on an Async Vault in chat, will open up a safe storage menu for you to store items in, which can be claimed back in the overworld at Async Laboratories.

Items remaining in the event menu after November 14th may be cleared, and this event may return out of season for a week long event if it is popular enough.

Keep in mind balancing is not perfect and some mobs may have lame drops or rares may be hard to find. Please comment below for any changes you want to see for this event and we will do our best to accommodate.

This event also brings two new vehicles the entity stacker is a small yellow tank. and the Lab Tractor, as a yellow tractor. Entity Stacker may be renamed. There are over 30+ new rares for retrieval in the event area, however I highly doubt you will be able to collect even half. :wink:

This event also adds a few very rare items that may only be seen by a few eyes. I will leave you to discovering them. The official release of companies and audit of pricing will be next on my agenda after this event.

if players are found to be abusing the portal system ie: duping items, currency or forcing items that should not be moved through dimensions, standard bans for duping will be enforced, and or removal of event rares or other ban penalties. Pls dont abuse this took me like a year in planning.


I tested it and it was really amazing, thank you Ultra!

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really fun experience for the whole family! Will definently come back next summer.