[Event] Christmas 2021 Screenshot Contest

What a festive season! With the kickoff of the 2021 Xmas Event already underway, we would like to add a fun little contest for everyone to participate in. For the month of December, we will be hosting a screenshot Contest! Players will be encouraged to seek out great photos! The xmas event area serves as an awesome backdrop! You can also use photos from anywhere on the server! You can stage it with custom heads, armor stands, shaders or anything you like really! We look forwards to seeing your creations!

Screenshots will be judged based on the amount of likes your post receives on the forums players who use bots or rig the contest in their favor will be disqualified. Staff reserve the right to disqualify a photo for any reason. Deadline for submissions is December 20th 2021.

Photos should be holiday or winter themed to qualify.
Shaders is optional however is recommended.
1 (one) screenshot will be allowed per player. If multiple screenshots are submitted, the first one will qualify.
Gifs are allowed.
Screenshots may be shared or posted on HM social media feeds such as Instagram, twitter or elsewhere.

1st: F10,000 + 3 Grinches Boss Keys
2nd: F7500 + 3 Santas Boss Keys
3rd: F5000 + 3 frosty Boss Keys
Participation: 1000f

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Lets keep the topic to submissions and actual comments please.

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Merry Christmas Peeps!


Horizon Awards Winter 2021, decorated by beak_boy, hosted in my city, Alexandria.

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Contest Closed

1st MentalGamer - 5 likes - claimed
2nd Senot - 2 likes - claimed
3rd Doodle claimed + Endershack tie

Contact me to claim your prize.
Endershack still needs to claim

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