[ Easter 2025 Prequels ] - Short Stories

As my apology for not releasing the Easter 2024 event as planned, and also as a bonus item for Easter 2025 – I will be releasing various short stories on here as and when I write them – just for pure bonus stuff. I have no dates for when the Easter Event 2025 will happen, but it will be an extended version of the previous event, which grows from 5 to 8 chapters.

These are canon to the event’s timeline, but won’t be needed to understand the event itself, mainly written to give some bonus material and to just give me something non-wiki or non-dev to do over the Summer.

Short Story 1 - “The Crowning”

Oh god. It’s the big day. Today I get crowned the incumbent Easter Bunny. Absolutely terrifying.

I feel my heart pounding against my white, fluffy chest, as my enbyfriend Gaz comes in. I had met them at thier vehicle dealership, before my father Harlan passed. I shall miss them so, and it feels too soon since they passed for me to step into thier shoes.

“You ready, Coello?” Gaz askes, before they take a loose bit of fluff from my head, and tidy up my face-fur as I respond.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

We both turn to the doors, as I breath in. Here we go. The doors open simultaniously, as I walk out into the beautiful marketplace and village that I call home. The Easter Islands. I walk past the residents – Damon the local rares dealer, Ilias my childhood friend, Trucy my sister, and my beloved daughter Ivy – as my other beloved sits next to her.

I step onto the stage, one that once held a special awards ceremony which brought many-a-vistors to the village, and say to the pastor – Peter – “I’m ready.”

He puts my new crown, made of flowers and a little bit of magic dust to keep it fresh for an eternity, upon my head, and recites the standard speech needed to formally induct me into becoming my destined role.

The Easter Bunny.

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