Department Restructuring and My Resignation from Infra and Events

Just to let you know I am sadly resigning from the following departments.

Infrastructure Department - Highways Technician - Department restructuring is coming and unfortunately culture change disregards long standing department rules/guide books. I’d be happy to continue working on any existing projects in progress but no longer wish to be part of this department that is pretty much defunct and run by staff.

There is also a big problem with monopolisation of infra, going against the guidebook on private networks and it’s not something I wish to be involved with any further. I also don’t like it when staff are abusive to players when we all want what’s best for the server, or so I thought.

Events Department - As mentioned above departments are changing and I can’t seem to get anything on the calendar anyway. Staff rarely want to run events and there’s little guidance on what we can and can’t do.

Hopefully they’ll be some opportunities for those roles once the restructuring takes place.