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To all of you reading this, 90% of you probably don’t know who I am. I have just passed my 8th helloclaniversary as we once called it. However I’m afraid this will most likely be my last. For starters my account was recently hacked, and I no longer have access to it. Whilst also I am now attending college living away from home for months at a time, further limiting my ability to play hello miners.

I just wanted to express my emotions,

You have no idea how much I loved this server, every minute of it. It has been one of the most incredible places I’ve been able to be apart of. You see I grew up in a very rural area, so not many people lived near by. However, hello miners always had a stream of active users online which was incredible for someone like me.

I started out when I was in primary 6th class in primary school, 11 years of age, and thankfully my old forum posts are not available because if you searched my name from that time period you’d see gems like “bmatthew10 is the best mod ever”, or coincidentally the same week “report bmattew10 for ignoring me” (when I accidentally had him on ignore so I couldn’t see what he was saying -.-)

I remember starting in Starling City, where Wilkinator9 sold me my first ever plot. I built the most impressive building this server has ever seen, (which was promptly eyesored and demolished ;( for being too “ugly”) (don’t blame him btw), Some time passed, I was mostly living in the wild off the grid, away from all the fun.

That’s when I decided to buy a plot from Mr_Blorb in Avalon City. That’s when I fell in love with hello miners, I would play for hours every day, building my towers meeting new people and utterly falling in love with the game. There were hundreds of new players constantly coming online and I was in love.

I got to buy my first city, ironically starling city. Which I promised to do great things with, looking back I somehow managed to find a way to make it worse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: than it already was. Then I bought Cambourough city, if it wasn’t for Felipe98_ that city would still be in its 2017 state.

Later on as the years went by, I decided to sell all my land and go on a buying spree. That is when I bought Orubo off Marc and Jcava, and I like to say with the knowledge I have now, I completely fucked that iconic store up. I changed it to Rapid4, which the new owners have done a tremendous job of modernising the company.

Now it’s time for the soppy cheesy stereotypical stuff:

It’s not easy leaving such a large part of your childhood behind you. I was very fortunate to when I joined Hellominers I think it was 1.7.10, I got to meet some of the most amazing people from all around the world, and I honestly got to grow up with them. I witnessed many peoples highs and lows both on the game and in real life, I’ve witnessed tragedies, the loss of friends due to difficult circumstances in their real lives and much more. I’ve seen friendships forged that lasted years and extended to other platforms.

I got to experience so much in such a short space of time. It’s truly incredible when you think back on how far we’ve come, although I haven’t been able to make it along for the last few moments. I hope that new players starting today can experience hello miners I got to experience. The joys I had growing up with a diverse “family” consisting of people from all over the planet.

I just wanted to end, what is probably one of the most poorly written topics I have ever written. “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you’ve actually left them”. Writing this topic feels like closing the last chapter to my childhood officially.

I wish you Miners the best of luck into bringing the server forward into a new challenging era. Good luck both now and into the future.

Happy Christmas if this is late :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours Sincerely
Bloom (Michael)


Good luck bro you will be missed, ur a legend :fire:

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Mr. Bloomberg, thank you for all your support through the years. You’ve been a great friend and business partner. Wishing you only the best in life!


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I only have one thing to say to this :frowning:

fuck Jake Gyllenhaal

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It breaks my heart to see you leave. I have always looked up to you as one of the greatest businessmen Hellominers has seen. Good luck in College your impact on this server and its community will not be forgotten. You’ve been a great friend and Competitor in the Entertainment Industry. You will do great things in the real world never give up on your dreams.

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It was really fun playing with you throughout the years bloom. We all keep coming back to this server time after time because it has the potential to build this kind of community you describe. We may have less people now since we all have less free time but I always see myself checking in on HM when I have the time, when I decide to retire. You mentioned that 90% of people don’t know who you are but I would say it is the opposite. Bloom you’ve always been cool, I hope everything goes well for you in the future :smiley:

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