Create copyright laws and registrations for mapart

Currently, there is a legal loophole in which you can violate the norm and duplicate any mapart you come into possession of by using a crafting or cartography table. There is no system to prevent this from happening. What I am suggesting is a simple way to copyright and prevent any bootleg mapart from being distributed.

  1. A copyright system be introduced, where users can post images of their mapart onto a forum page and a staff member can approve it as copyright.
  2. The creator of the mapart can request an amount of “stamps” for the mapart, at a cost of F10-50 each, that can somehow be applied to duplicates of the mapart.
  3. Any registered mapart can have a stamp applied to copies, which show the mapart as verified with it’s creator and a trademark ID.
  4. Any duplicates of the registered mapart will no longer show the trademark, and because the stamps are in the possession of the mapart’s creator, they cannot stamp it.
  5. Anyone who has been selling non-stamped mapart that has been registered will be fined F5,000.
  6. Anyone who has been selling non-stamped mapart that hasn’t been registered will be fined F2,000.

All of this, is, obviously up for discussion so I’d like your suggestions. Thanks!

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I know @nicochulo2001 was working on something like this a while ago.

Doing fines for everyone would be pretty much impossible and we wouldnt be able to trademark mapart without really either

  1. making a complete script to rework how mapart works
  2. use a plugin to block copying of mapart
    it would take a considerable amount of staff time to deale with either solution, if we made specific tags we could add to maparts that made it so it couldnt be duplicated, this would work for new maparts but not existing ones.

Maybe you could still register a trademark, and the mapart could still only be sold at chestshops owned by the mapart’s trademark holder?

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The thing is if people can exploit, they will exploit. We need to make it so you physically cant copy the map with a crafting table. Maybe possible with a script from aya.

pretty sure denizen could make a script.

probably need all mapart regions to be locked to only the creator so nobody can create initial copies. once the map is created, its noted and whenever someone tries to duplicate in the crafting table it determine cancels it. with the entry-deny region, only the mapart owners can create copies therefore limiting the number that can ever get produced, hence holding its value.

tbh, i think all maparts should be automatically allowed the copyright prevention thing we could put in place because theyre paying 10k for a plot in the mapart world. i also think you could delete the mapart world and have maparts built in the end like originally, which i much prefer than having millions of worlds like what magnus ended up doing. have the player create a region for a mapart which grants entry deny and the copyright protection bundled in for say (x)F per block. this would be a far more effective strategy because the mapart world is only good if you want to start trying to become hypixel or some shit.

the server is meant to be simple and just having a special form of regioning would be the ideal solution. whatever the solution, dont add more complex crap we dont need.