Create a compassionate/charitable clause for land pricing

The public group I’m part of, SUD, has come up with a very big issue when it comes to the new land prices. The simple fact is that the new land prices prevent proper regioning for our projects.
Here’s an example - The SR3 road design, which we built before the new changes came into effect, now costs us F150 to region per block. That means a road that is 100 blocks long will now cost us F15000 to region. That is a massive cost.

The more inexpensive design we’re using now, the SR2 design, is still F90 per block. To be honest, even with this reduced price it is still becoming unreasonable for us to region the road. And that brings on a few issues (quite obviously - so I won’t discuss the specifics).

So with all of that, what I am proposing is that a new non-profit land value clause is created the same way a private city clause has been created. I’m recommending that this price become F5 so we can still get to work on these projects. We’re even open to having the same rules that government highways have.

I’m not asking for this out of some self-centred way. We do these projects to link up our region in areas that the government won’t usually connect. And reducing the price of the land we need to region will help us with that.


If it were regioned with the new prices SR3 would’ve cost almost 1M Forsals. No one’s going to want to pay for inter-city infrastructure with those prices meaning it’s all on gov and we know how slow gov depts are…


How about the following:
Lets say you buy 100k of land for your city, then you make the plots and a nice infrastructure (Streets and couple of gov buildings that can be used by the gov) When the city its done, the government can refund the city owner of the land used for infrastructure. This way the gov can incentivize city owner to make awesome big roads and awesome infrastructure on all cities.

this is, unsurprisingly, not what the actual goal of this clause or SUD is.

anyway boom

Or… why not get government funded. If its worthy of being funded…



This way, SUD wouldn’t have to pay the Government Directly.
As the Government would pay for the infrastructure (regions) as all materials will be paid by SUD itself.

SUD would have to repay the Government overtime. (With some sort of deal)

  • 1 ) SUD wouldn’t have to spend a huge price in a single pay time.
  • 2 ) Projects would progress faster.
  • 3 ) Government regains its money back, surely at some sort of rate for “profit”.
  • 4 ) SUD will be in charge of paying for labor, materials, etc.
  • 5 ) Government will simply pay the regioning cost at either 5F or 10F a block.
  • 6 ) If the roadwork/infrastructure has failed to be completed by a deadline, including an additional deadline. Sorta of a “Three Strikes, you’re out”, method. The Government could revoke the regions applied to the situation. (Depends on deal)
  • 7 ) We all got a road to travel on if successful.

Just throwing that out there.
Besides all that govo money gotta go somewhere eventually.

The Government is too inefficient to handle the scale and speed at which SUD projects are undertaken. SUD can afford to make regions with an F5/block value, too. This is a simple option, and while yours might work, it’s an overly complicated mess of a law that’s not just

“Non-government infrastructure organisations may only pay F5 per block.”

govo spendo