Country RP (An OG forum game)

Country RP time!
Some of you may remember this game from a few years ago, so I figured I’d bring it back.


  1. 10 posts is 1 “year”. Keep this in mind for timescales.
  2. You may claim 1 (one) country to start
  3. Invasions of unclaimed countries take 1 year. Keep this in mind on how this affects your nations economy.
  4. Keep things fairly realistic. Liberties are allowed to be taken within reason for balance and time-saving, but blatantly realistic things are not allowed, i.e. zombies, space fleets, interstellar missions, etc.
  5. The US is divided into states. When starting, you may claim 5 states. Invasion of an unclaimed state may be done instantaneously, with a limit of 2 per year with the exception of California, New York, Texas, and Florida. These states count as “super-states”. When starting, two of these “super-states” may not be claimed.

Rules subject to change at any time


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chinas mine



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I claim California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, And Idaho.

I rename my country to Enso Tree

As dictator of The Enlightenment Circle I deport all homeless to Tusla, Oklahoma.

Any Illegal Immigrants I send on trash barges to New York.

All imates on death row I execute after 2 years on death row.

Rest of the criminals in jail I make community slaves and force them to do manual labor to fix out my new country and help build infrastructure and keep the environment clean. (They get released after their sentence is over.)

Social Media such as Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram are banned because they make people degenerates. (Messaging apps allowed )

Germany unites with Austria, for old times sake :wink:

Ireland’s mine

Switching my nation if that’s alright with you guys

New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island are mine

With the arrival of the deported immigrants, New York seized disused apartment complexes with eminent domain. They are renovated, and the deported immigrants clothed, fed, and provided with housing. They are given useful training in skills such as welding, and used as a workforce to repair the regions aging infrastructure.

Because France never surrenders and never losses badly, we have decided to incorporate Algeria.

I claim Russia.
Russia threats France with nukes for not respoing discord messages for a peace treaty. -_-

Never specifies how many states you can claim after the start so ima assume 5.

The Englightenment Circle claims Canada

I make stricter gun regulations, however, reinstate the right to buy and sell guns in Enso Tree. I drop the military budget by 66% and use that money to ban the import of new gas cars without approval, I begin work on a mass array of fast transit that will connect the nation. Schools curriculm will be refurbished, no longer any American politics bullshit. School time will be extended an hour, however, homework will be banned, PE will become better, school lunches will have healthy food, and all colleges will be phased out. In replacement of college beggining in Highschool, students will get to chose what careers they are interested in, school will be more adaptive to them, and High School will last 6 years instead of 4.

In order to boost strenghten Enso Tree businesses tarrifs will be placed on specific products to give domestic companies an edge. Taxes will be reduced because the government is no longer mismanaging their money like the previous regime.

Porn is banned. Weed remains legal but for prescriptions. Inheritance tax is lifted. Gambling is made legal everywhere.

Indian reservations keep self governing, however, they can no longer annex land.

France institutes a major budget reconstruction to develop Algeria and to boost the domestic economy. We cut social spending in mainland France and begin a trillion euro project over the next 5 years to construct schools across Algeria, develop large high speed rail networks, large road networks, and construct large scale projects in the city of Algiers.

France will check discord but also puts military funding towards nuclear weapon bunkers so that every citizen can evacuate to a secure safe bunker within 10 minutes of their location

France announces a tariff matching scheme to protect domestic products from hostile trade policies. We also announce the creation of a currency, the Franc which will be equivalent to the Euro in value. We also begin keeping free trade with the EU but untangling ourselves from the EU (since not convenient in this)

New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island reform into the Northeastern Confederation.

New Hampshire is annexed. The port of Newark is declared a free trade port, resulting in a boom of imports and exports. While tax revenue is initially reduced, the resulting increase in corporate activity makes up for it.

Algeria is experience rapid development due to spending larger than than the GDP of the nation.

France reforms itself into the Mediterranean Republic. We announce easier immigration laws in order to grow our population at 2% per year compared to our current 0.8-0.9%. Requirements include speaking French and passing a series of entrance exams. We hope this will grow our broader economy.

To secure a powerful foothold in the Mediterranean, we incorporate Spain into the nation. We announce changing our currency name to the Mediterranean Dollar which will have the equivalent value of a Euro. We announce the unification of all institutions and standardize the budget on military spending to 100 billion MEDs. We begin constructing 3 new aircraft carriers and 20 destroyers for a cost of 80 billion MEDs over the next few years. We also plan to spend an additonal 20 billion MEDs for the development of ICBMs over the next few years and plan to expand our arsenal of nuclear weapons to over 500 to cement our posistion as a dominant military power.

We announce the standardization of taxes in Algeria to line of with French taxes to help finance new economic reforms for our plans to develop North Africa into the Center of our nation. In fact, all taxes will be standardized to the French standard along with regulations unless otherwise stated to change. We decrease welfare spending again and raise the retirement age to 70 in order to finance our clean energy intitative in Algeria. We mandate the construction of massive nuclear power and solar generators across the territories of the nation in order to have 100% clean cheap energy over the next decade, a truly expensive but hopefully revolutionary idea.

Algeria in particular receives subsidies for the development of trade schools to foster industrial growth in basic industries to begin larger scale industrialization in the region. We are currently a large importer but we hope to see this evening out in the long run.

We seek approval with Enlightenment circle for export of gas cars and institute laws banning the production of gas powered cars by 2030. Subsidies are rolled out to help ease the transition and large scale charging networks recieve a 100 billion MED subsidy to construct

Mediterranean Republic
Population - 167 million
GDP - 4.9 Trillion MEDs
Military Spending - 100 Billion MEDs

Military equipment on top of existing
+3 aircraft carriers (under construction)
+20 destroyers (under construction)

china claims india