[Competition] HelloMiners Video Competition 2023

Sponsored by Blockazon!

Blockazon is proud to announce its first video competition. For all you budding filmmakers, Youtubers, we need you! To help promote the server and show off some of the fantastic builds created this year, we are offering prize money for the best video made by you! Following the closing date, you will get the chance to vote on the best video created by our community!

Closing date: 31st Dec 2023 at 23:59 EST.

Prize Money (in Forsals):

  • 1st Place - 10k * - 100k
  • 2nd Place - 7.5k * - 75k
  • 3rd Place - 5k * - 50k

* Multipled by the number of videos received - capped at 10x. Blockazon reserves the right to cap the number of places if not enough submissions received.


  • The video must be entirely your own creation and created using HelloMiners content. Any content including builds should be completed and appear to be built in the main economy world.
  • Content may be re-created in software i.e. Mine-imator etc, to enhance your video.
  • Only 1 submission per player.
  • Submissions should be unique and focus on different creations on the server.
  • Submissions must be new so any existing videos cannot be submitted.
  • Videos should use shaders and/or texture packs and be HD.
  • The duration of your video should be at least 2 minutes.
  • Music should be copyright/royalty free.
  • If using a voice-over, you may use real or AI generated voices, providing it sounds realistic.
  • Your video must be uploaded to YouTube and made public. A link should be provided by replying to this post below.
  • Videos should have opening and/or closing graphics/titles.
  • The video should include minecraft-related keywords and the server IP ‘play.hellominers.com’ in the description. You may also include the coordinates to any builds if you wish. The title of the video should reflect its content.
  • By submitting the video, you give HelloMiners the rights to re-use clips on its own channel, including any material for promoting the server in trailers.

Blockazon reserves the right to amend these rules should further clarification be required. Blockazon and its owner(s) will not be responsible for the delivery of any prize money in the event of server closure or long-term server outage but will make every effort at the earliest possibility


This competition is sponsored by Blockazon, which has locations across many cities, with our flagship store in West City (accessible via the Taxi at /warp a).

If you would like to help sponsor the prizes for this competition or future competitions, please drop me a DM on Discord or in-game.


To clarify the prize money amount, here is a breakdown of what the prize money will be depending on number of video submissions.

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  • 1st Place Swonic
  • 2nd Place Thendil

Congrats all!

Hey I would love to accept the 10 reward if it weren’t for the fact that Kili perm banned me for no apparent reason. Tried to appeal, they just responded: Fuck off scrub

Hey dude, make an appeal when you turn 18 because your obviously to young to know how to behave.