[Companies] In depth company manger plugin

We have had this idea for ages, and I have some ideas on how we can implement it. We have a few options but I want to know what the community wants the most out of a companies plugin. Hiring a dev would cost between 50-150$ for this specific plugin.

We need a:
gui based company manager plugin
shared assets
company hq region maybe hq buffs
company evaluation based on land value
company flag/banner set
company /kit… costs money out of company balance to spawn in kit of items
company tiers/levelup by spending money to unlock rewards

My idea of getting something done, would be to take an already existing guilds/clan plugin and adapting it, if we do this we can have reliable support but we wont be able to get all the features we want. Its also possible to add certain things manually with mycmd.

Whats your opinion.


This is a great idea. Having a thing to work for is smart. Ideas for rewards could be

-HQ Buffs that are better each tier
-Access to new pits in the cargo port
-Higher Booster on MoneyHunters
-Access to more slimefun sub plugins
-Restricting access to selling items on ah until you get to a higher tier
-A Bank that can give interest with higher tiers allowing for higher maximums

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Hq buffs we cant do but we can do global buffs in exchange for forsals.

Pits in cargo port need to be done anyways no point of making it company related.

No higher booster on money hunters unless a global booster is avalible in the mh plugin

More slimefun doesnt fix anything about the server.

We wont restrict ah. But we should bring back the feature where premium can list way more items than default. Might already be this way.

Banking we can do, but it would be a shared balance in the company like /deposit, and would only be able to /withdraw if company member with permissions set by leader.

Companies would cost money to make to prevent spam. I was thinking 10k, 25k or 50k to make a company because of the amount of features it would come with like a company set home perhaps?

The pricing seems fair. Would there be higher costs to upgrade the tier? The ideas were mainly about incentivizing people to save up and spend money to get higher tiers since I don’t really see the point in this if all there is is a shared bank and kit. There is a booster section on the gui when I do /mh job so there is probably a booster.

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We need a money sink to counter inflation. Id have to structure it out more, but I feel people will still upgrade, for example shared vaults or enderchests for companies that you can unlock, maybe higher member counts? I need to know what you guys want or else im just going to do it.

Denizen :p.

We can use WG flags / Denizen for that, depends on what buffs exactly

Pretty sure It is, per permission group or smth like that

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I think it sounds like a great idea - players who already have a large established company will have something new and exciting to add to it, and it will also work as an incentive for newer players to create their own businesses. Win-win for the server in my opinion.

I’m all for it. The best thing about Companies Reloaded plugin was you could put cm:companyname instead of specific person in the areashop sign on the chest. The company balance would then be updated as opposed to the individual seller. That way multiple people could work for a company. You could also set wages and stuff. Sadly Companies Reloaded isn’t being updated but if the new one could do that, it would be brilliant. Or if someone could re-engineer Companies Reloaded then yeah.


I like what thendil says, that would work great for players working together.

For the other stuff I dont know anything about it, would be appreciate it if staff posts a guideline about how to use this new plugin when it gets implemented.

I also believe the stock market plugin would work great with this plugin, companies can buy shares of real life companies like apple and any other real life company and make more money if their investment goes well, it’s better to have the money invested than sitting on an acc.

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here me out… vehicles

A few ideas:

  • Companies could give out jobs for mat collection, so in a similar way to the cargo port it pays out per block and maybe takes the items out of the inventory into a dedicated “block bank” for companies? If that makes sense? Players could submit contracts to make the jobs competitive.

  • Weekly wages for construction and management employees of companies.

  • As others have said, making sell and buy signs company instead of user operated so they can have dedicated balances. This could, in the future, lead into better management and monitoring of companies to enable a stock market. Companies can have their own investment divisions so they can invest in other ones.

  • Investment companies could be created that are dedicated to that exclusively


denizen could pretty much handle this and u could probably get it a tiny bit cheaper

Yes! A company plugin, absolutely necessary.

One of the main things I care about is having company chestshops.

The other ideas like having buffs for companies with certain members or perhaps certain bank account also sound great.

While we’re at it if areashop rent/sale signs could be on company accounts as well that would complete the circle. Perhaps a bit of denizen magic could fix that?

Just another idea, I’d be willing to offer hosting and a domain if we could get someone to code a print /csn history script to make accounting easier.

the company plugin im looking into doesnt have shared chestshops, but that seems to be the most requested feature so im going to have to look into it more

You’d have to make a new ChestShop engine / possibly use ChestShop’s Event, although I am 99% sure that won’t be possible from within Denizen / Code a ChestShop integration for Denizen in Java / Request it on Depeniezn Github, which would probably take a while as support for an entire new plugin is a lot more work for the Denizen devs.

As in, a website to view ChestShop history?

We’re actually looking into a AreaShop replacement, which includes that feature if I’m not mistaken :p.

Yes if that’s necessary