Cleaner Voting

My first suggestion would be to make log, concrete, construction, treasure, gear, supply, and spawn egg chests into regular chests once opened. This will stop people from having to guess if the chests are empty or not.

My other suggestion is making the links cleaner (bold, numbered, and spaced out) this way players don’t have to open 20 links on accident.
Link 1:

Link 2:




i like this idea, also i think we should actively shrink the amount of links their are bc half the sites are irrelevant, and some dont work. Also pls to god make voting crate actually worth more than a penny.

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Having the vote links spaced apart spams your chat and lots of people play on smaller screens like laptop, so they need it condensed so they dont have to scroll. The rest of the vote additions were added months ago when you suggested this.

The chests actually look different once opened, there is a small distinction that means its empty, I dont remember off the top of my head

I want to redo voting rewards at some point, just not high on my list right now.