(City Roleplay} Dominate HM one city at a time

Claim a city to start

  1. Claim 1 city to start
  2. Invade another country after 5 posts
  3. Be realistic
  4. No world killing weapons, diseases, etc. (No meteor that wipes out the HM or staff accidentally wiping chunks)
  5. Helloclan City is treated separately from cities/areas such as West City/North Cities/Suburbs etc. Cities that are part of nations i…e. colonies are treated as separate entities as well.

I claim Valencia to free it of the reactionary statists of HMSU and form The Ancom Commune of Valencia.

I claim naples

can i claim my own

I claim Paradise Hills and its bank

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i claim aruba and its infinite rays inc financial support

i claim montego bay

I claim Dubai

I claim Solaris

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