[ City of Archendale ] - Hiring Designers & Builders (Paying High)

Hello! We are looking for designers and builders to work on constructing a couple of public projects (Buildings and Parks) in the City of Archendale!

We are looking for great workers who will deliver work on the scheduled time in a professional matter. We are paying high!

if you think that you are good enough for this job, apply by replying to this topic using the following layout:

  • IGN
  • Discord#TAG
  • Position? (can be both designer and builder)
  • What makes you special?
  • Wage per project?
  • Show us any of your designs (for designers)*

Good luck, everyone!

  • This application could be closed at any time.

Bobux Man#6101
my interiors
depends on how big the project is
srry I don’t have any pics of my designs in phone :sweat_smile:

  • ColbyLaFancyy
  • carrot#4260
  • Designer and Builder
  • I’m a new player that could use the money lol. I’ve worked on building on pocket edition a ton, I’m new to PC. I am really good at medium scale traditional buildings. I’ve also got a knack for stadiums. I can most likely do pretty much anything. I haven’t really specialized too much. I’m not great at super modern buildings but I’m willing to work on it. :smiley:
  • Wage per project: Depends on the size and complexity required. As a new player I would probably work for like nothing lol.
  • Don’t got any designs on the computer. If you let me know how big the project is and what it is I can mock some up and send pictures. You can change them to your liking.
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I have designed and built multiple buildings in archendale and have experience with the area.

Depends on size

Here is a library of my projects, Portfolio - Album on Imgur
I have designs in Archendale at the choords
(3522, 1240) - Axis Tower West
(3608, 1358) - Mid-rise Megastore
(3682, 1009) - My personal home

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Selected people will be contacted on Discord!

Why not make more country,more planet

(Early apologies for the long summaries, but an application is an application. :slight_smile: )

  • Ecto1Rotten

  • Ecto1#8323

  • Builder (Mostly best at this)
    | Recently when I returned to Hellominers, I did a few jobs for both Felipe & Cake, and as well started my own company, Commodity Co. to work construction, demolition with ambition to expand.
    | Designer Work, I’ve done very lightly but previously I spent time in my own creative world working on different projects ever so randomly to fit the idea, scheme. When it comes to capturing a design, I like to search the internet for inspiration of what the client will like or what I’ll like.

  • For Example: Commodity Central Building to match Flowing Meadow’s build requirement.

| A credible note for my “Design work” - Its experimental to things I’m not used to, I am capable of doing interior design with some practice, but I lack the ideas to do interior furniture, special designs unlike cielings, walls, etc.
| When it comes to measurements of a build, designs, I experiment with curves, angles whatever I need to with wall lengths, etc… which I find it very important to do and I get paranoid checking the same thing time to time (lol)

  • I usually stick to a good timeline, such as helping to complete the SUD Tower & Cake’s Estate of HH within a minimum of 2 days. (Jobs vary for time). I like the idea of providing an acceptional and favorable service to any client.
  • Prices Varies per project, usually open to Clients choosing the amount as long as its reasonable per job. If not, it can be worked out.
  • Design Pictures of personal projects:

#1 - 200x200 (Uncomplete Creative Build) Mansion,
In the creative world its incomplete, but it was used as a foundation / measurement idea to be created into a SMP server I was with, it took over 15,000k Terracotta to fill the walls. Unfortunately the SMP server got YEETED during construction.

#2 - Another home I constructed in the Snowy Wilderness,
The interior contained two floors, 2nd / 3rd floor had an open area to view the 1st floor, but the 1st floor was dug into the into the hill. (I lost the interior photos somewhere)

#3 - My first take on a Medieval like Build

(I can’t find anymore examples due to lack of photos)

~ Thank you

Not a problem, I have read your application and I will be in touch with you in few days!