City for sale: Lagos

DM me lossu#4887 to make an offer
I’m Selling my city (Lagos) X:0 Y:67 Z:-2764

  • City is close to RC but has lots of room to expand
  • It is an approved city
  • The City has been entirely demolished, and there is lots of flat and mountainy lang around the city
  • The city has 500k in land and 100k total blocks

The city has room for large expansions

I’m open to offers, I want this city gone, the subregions of the city still need to be deleted and owners mostly have been evicted [The City of Lagos Evictions]

DM me lossu#4887 to make an offer

Just a heads up, but I own Lille to the right of it.

you wanna buy lagos to expand you city? :slight_smile: