Like 90% of all topics this will be about the state of the server’s activity, more specifically how to improve it. It’s going to be a long one (can’t believe this is how I’m choosing to spend my Thursday evening), so tuck in.

As you all very much know by now, the player count on HM is at an all time low, averaging around 4 players a day which is significantly less than before the server being down. HM’s player count has been on a slow decline since ~2018 and this can be attributed to the players, and the server.

The Players:
Most of us joined HM in our pre/early teens, around 12-14 years old. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to find an active player that joined in either 2020 or 2021, and a scarce few that joined in 2019. Naturally, people are going to age and they’re going to get jobs, go to university and just not have time to play a minecraft server, but that’s always been the case. What has come about recently is the drought of new players joined to fill those spaces. It’s HM culture to see someone you played with a couple months ago go inactive and to jump to the conclusion that the server is crumbling at our feet and people are leaving by the second, but it’s natural for people to grow out of a kids game. The average age of the player count is getting higher by the day, in fact I think Beak, Aya and I are the only active players under the age of 14.

We spend too much time trying to improve the server to stop people quitting, when people quitting is not the main reason for a declining player count .The problem is that lack of new players joining to fill the holes in player count left by the leaving old players. I suggest we make huge reforms to HM advertising and getting new players to stay, making it our main goal, and here’s some suggestions:

A) Real roleplay jobs
The current role-play jobs are shit, they’re pushing a mine cart or busting your ass in the cargo port which is abused by old players anyways. These jobs for new players should be fun (to make sure they stay), educational (to give them a better knowledge of the server) and pay well, but not too well that the new player doesn’t evolve into regular HM business/city owning and/or get overused by old players (like cargo port). These role-play jobs should be a City Tier reward, it’s a great way of attracting new players to private cities, encouraging cities to tier up, and giving new players a better understanding of the map. Cities could compete as to who gets the most popular job (more new players in their city) which would push city owners to make the most entertaining jobs for new players: Some jobs might be: Police Officer, Robber, Air traffic control, Fire brigade, Hospital worker - these jobs will most likely link to public buildings (Police Station, Bank, Airport, Fire station and Hospital respectively). And could be a really great way to keep new players interested.
B) Events
Another way to get new players to stay, as well as old, is through the use of events. Grinding/designing/building gets tiring and an event is a good way to cheer people up. I suggest events at least once a week, hosted at the same time each weak and (hopefully) quite a few players will log on to do them. These events don’t have to be gov, private cities like ik Archendale has a spleen arena should be able to host these as well, I think events should be greatly encouraged.

The Server:
I’m probably writing this at a bad time, since the server has recently been fucked sideways, and I don’t even think the problem with the server is the handling of the server itself. It’s just that staff are so easy to blame when everything goes wrong. I think the Staff Q&A is a great idea (still waiting for the response to those questions) as I think they’re should be a greater level of transparency between staff and the players. For example, a few problems I’ve had is with the adjusting to inflation, namely the land value raise. To be blunt about it, that land value raise was handled like shit, and I think (at least some) staff have probably noticed that it makes no sense to sell land for half the price that you bought it. I’m no tech, but there has to be a system that can see if you bought the land before or after the land value raise.

Anyways this was going to be much longer but I’m tired and I have to get up early tomorrow so enjoy and feel free to fight in the replies with some essays.



Yea, I honestly agree with you, I joined HM when I was 13, and like most people have grown up and have personal stuff to do now such as write college applications which are a frickin pain in the ass. HM really needs to do some advertising via yt or start a go fund me or funnel tedde’s money into advertising because this is a good server, however, no one knows about it anymore. I know when Toro put some money into advertising that 5 or so year old trailer we have it got about 15k extra views which drove up traffic exponentially for the time which why I think we need to continue to make more videos on that account.

Couple of things:

  1. no there isn’t a way to check if land was bought before the change, at least not now, so that’s not an option.

  2. You say custom jobs and list examples: how would those actually work? Like what are the specifics?

You say custom jobs and list examples: how would those actually work? Like what are the specifics?

A good way to do this is to advertise ‘fake’ companies in chat that lead players to a quest of sorts. The players meet an NPC, who acts as if they’re the boss of a large company (this could be either fake ones or actual well-known HM companies) and the players are given a certain time to gather certain materials to give to the NPC in return for some money.

This way the player gets to go around the server to gather or purchase materials, communicate with more players, and understand the chat and advertising (which should totally be a thing again so people are more aware of businesses).

I also completely agree with everything Cake said in this post. All are really good reasonings and responses. (except when Cake made us seem like we were all 9 years old by calling us under 14 lmao)

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Is Aya under the age of 14?

/warp jobs would have teleports to these jobs, you have to complete the job like a quest and get payed

all three of us are 14

Rude :c

Rude & False >:c

Yes, we are publishing something regrading that soon.

True, we’re going to start creating new events & reviving old ones :p.

Not really no ;-; also refer to the response to the Q&A (which will release soon)

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you lot defo need more children to play your server, as much as you may find them “cringe” and “annoying”, they’re the ones taht will play your server most and i think you’re sleeping on the largest demographic on MC

suggested this a while ago on the community development discord but certain jobs could be done pretty cool

take some inspiration from wildly popular roblox game “welcome to bloxburg”, jobs there keep kids engaged. what are the jobs?

  • delivery (taking something from point a to point b)
  • cashier (taking orders for people, could be done with NPCs)
  • fisherman (we already have this but instead of it being “yoo go fish in some water idk” it could tp you to a specific fisherman designated spot and feel like a job)
  • janitor (either… 1. cleaning up an area or… 2. you have 2 buildings, one is clean and one isn’t, you have to make the unclean one look like the clean one)
  • mechanic (npc gives you instructions like an oil change, a paint-job, or a tire change)
  • miner (mine ores but actually make it fun and instead of using plain minecraft for mining, make caves. try do something like hypixel skyblock for mining)
  • baker (give someone certain slimefun foods to make another slimefun food. for example, a player gets potato and salt, and has to make fries. they would get placed in a kitchen)
  • seller (essentially cashier but you do it at like a cafe or ice cream parlour and have to make the items they ask for)
  • stocker (restocking items in a store)
  • woodcutter (cutting wood in a DESIGNATED forest with CUSTOM trees and selling)

see most of these jobs already kinda exist, but 1. theres no proper facilities for it (resourceworld is not engaging, a custom mine like in hypixel skyblock is) 2. they don’t pay anything

i know it goes against this server’s idea of being a capitalist empire but you guys have to add roleplay jobs if you want a chance at survival. kids do not give 2 shits about your economy, they care about what they find fun which is minigames and becoming rich by doing fun jobs, until they can flex to their other friends their possessions. another thing in “welcome to bloxburg” is that houses are much more expensive to get and you actually have a reason to work. ofc this would cause some more wealth inequality but people need a reason to actually play, you guys all forget this.

the only reason adults still play hm is because adults are the target demographic for hm. according to google, 53% of children aged 6 to 8, and 68% of children aged 9 to 12, are actively playing Minecraft. more than half of those play more than once per week. now, it’s true that adults still play mc, but it’s clear that children have wayy more patience and wayy less responsibilities. i started playing HM when I was 9. kids get other kids to play with them, had i not had 3 friends of mine already playing hm I would’ve never known about it.

stop worriyng about the economy so much (ironic of me to say nowadays but my point still stands) and worry about a new target demographic. GTA (yes ik it’s a different game) has an economy, apparently it’s kinda broken and inflated, but you still see plenty of people play it. it hits all demographics (yes it’s made for 18+ but you see kids play it because it’s simple. we have a block game on our hands to use, made for children) and is fun, you have actual things to do. we have a literal example to look up to. look at hypixel skyblock, it has a functioning economy yet people actually want to play… because it’s engaging for all demographics, unlike HM. i’m sorry but very little people would actually want to play HM in its current state, no matter how much advertising you do.


THE SERVER HAS :cat:?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Can’t support stuff like this enough. Kids are the main appeal of all Minecraft servers because they can get hooked easily on these games. I first started playing HM when I was quite young, and I’m still playing nearly 6 years later.

Also hard agree on creating more role-play, NPC focused jobs for new players. Like I said earlier, simple tasks that use NPCs to guide kids around the server doing things would really help out. And eventually as you get more comfortable you can transition into real, player to player economy.

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