Catching up to everything


So I recently found my MC password again and I guess I’m back for as long as I can stay on the server. Yes I did initially come back to check up on a bunch of stuff that people kept pinging me on discord about including my properties but the longer I stayed running around fixing things the most I kinda enjoyed it so I decided that I might stay for a bit longer than I expected lol.

Anyways, while I’ve been tryna catch up on things on the server would anyone be kind enough to summarize everything that has happened in the last 10 months about govt cities, private cities, are private city tiers still a thing? Did govt plots lose value? Are there any new players? Haven’t seen anyone new join in the time ive played and the server seems to only host a max of 3-5 players so I assume its the issue w advertising to newer people? Also rare armour and nightbanes n that typa stuff? Any major rule changes?

Also while we’re at it does anyone know who runs the instagram or if there is any help needed for it? I’m happy to have it managed by someone

Said it on discord but will say here too for others wondering.

Government cities are being overhauled, as I’m sure people are starting to notice.

  • There will be a post made soon addressing the changes.

  • Private cities are still a thing, and we will be bringing some more changes soon to provide more incentives and opportunities for private cities.

  • I can’t speak on government plot value (as many plots are being evicted currently), but they have generally lost some value, I just don’t know how much they have changed since you were last around.

  • Private city tiers are still a thing!

  • We do get new players, but the problem is we don’t retain too many at the moment. we are hoping the changes we are working on will help to create a better environment for new players that is easier to get started (with actual objectives and goals to achieve). Advertising is also an issue, with the lack of funding and the inability to keep consistent volunteers (understandable to be honest), its not easy, but we are always looking for help!

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