Casino Token Suggestion

With the casino closed until staff figure out how to progress with re-opening it, I’d like to suggest again that we add the casino tokens as a reward of the vote crates. That way it doesn’t involve real money gambling and we can still enjoy casino fun. People can sell and buy tokens if they want and this suggestion would help encourage more voting.


I suggest keeping it closed forever

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first off, wait from when has it been closed and why noone tell me?

second off, remove casino all together. It’s awful.

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facts tho it benefits a select few and then cripples the resttt like if we have gambling on hm at least have something like poker instead of something so easily accessible like crates

ikr, the worst thing ever.

limiting it to just vote key rewards for the basic tokens might be the way forward. then maybe bigger tokens with some bosses

I have to look into the reason on why its closed, but keep in mind the reason casino was originally added was to combat inflation, I get why theres so much hype around it and I agree it is kinda fun, but maybe we can work a similar mechanic into an event where you dont need to pay as much for the tokens

Casino was really fun. Open it, put a +18 hologram and that should be good.

already have one, worst case scenario we can make it an event like a friday night casino night under supervision

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Bro is going to check everyone’s ID cards. #TorForSecurity

Also casino was not fun btw.

Making it a reward of a vote crate means all that hard word making the casino won’t go to waste and won’t violate EULA guidelines in any meaningful way.